Network Hardware Essay

Choice of good network hardware depends on a number of elements.

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First it has to be planned properly to allow expansion without detrimentally affecting future business. The style of the network should assure sufficient functionality, availability and security. This aims at providing enough information and processing of transactions for all its users. A summary of users that will access the web has to be made so as to determines the capability the components will be able to support.

A list of severs that need network connection also needs to be produced. Mid and high end machines should be chosen. Server loan consolidation should be prioritized as a means of minimizing costs.

The company will save much on power and floor space. It will likewise reduce management and maintenance costs. The various host machines that need to be supported by the network should also always be determined and assigned certain names and IP tackles.

The type of host will identify the design of the network. The network press has to be suitable for the offered servers and host devices to be supported by the network. In this case I would recommend Ethernet wires because they are of its lower cost and easy manageability.

There is also need to plan for connections, hubs, routers, or buttons. These devices enter into use during connection of various subnets on the network. Routers for instance once connecting different domains within a network, present better management control over network traffic.

An excellent network topology should also be created providing sufficient network resources for almost all applications. A hierarchical network is preferred with the shoe at the top as well as the hosts at the bottom.

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