The gambia s glaring reliability dilemma

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December initial 2016 brought in in the sight of many a fresh dispensation roughly many Gambians thought. There was an air flow of confidence that issues will be performed differently, the era of impunity is fully gone for good, that the negative serenity that The Gambians were familiar with is at last gone. There was clearly a evidente belief that this time points will be different, that positive serenity which includes more than just the absence of physical violence nevertheless peace of mind and thought are at hand. However , recent events or occurrences around the region have awakened citizens to new unparalleled and dire security hazards which have subsequently created an atmosphere of fear and uneasiness inside the hearts and minds of numerous Gambians. Many reports on various press outlets as well as the general public have got noted a dramatic increase in gruesome murders, armed robberies, kidnappings, noteworthy motivated cultural clashes, seizure of guns from persons and so on.

In fact , according to the Foroyaa Newspapers of sixteenth April 2018, the Inspector General from the Gambia Police (IGP) provides announced that they will reinstate examine points surrounding the country in a bid to curb the rising crime rate near your vicinity. This comes amid the recent provided robbery in the Jah Olive oil petrol place in Brikama.

As recently because the fourth April 2018 a dead body system of a Gambian Army Del cuerpo was seen in a well around Tanji community (ibid). These events certainly are a radical starting from what Gambia utilized to within the past 50 unusual years.

This paper will seek to identify some of the possible elements responsible for the glaring break down of secureness in this very small West African nation. Peace and protection has always been taken for granted by many Gambians but it is around time that the Government which can be supposed to include control over the coercive machines of condition to realize the fact that maintenance of serenity and reliability of any kind of nation can be not a presented but it requires eternal watchful.

Some Elements Responsible for the Security Deficiencies as well as the Concomitant Within Crime

One might be tempted to ask what is “Security”? Security is definitely not an overall value while absolute protection is almost difficult and it is a continuing challenge to keep sociopaths and other delinquents at bay. The bad men are continuously evolving new strategies to beat the security equipment so it is incumbent on federal government to frequently be on its toes to shield the lives and properties of the people. In fact , it is for this incredibly reason of protecting our natural legal rights of your life, liberty and property as posited by simply Locke that people voluntarily surrendered our rights to a higher power (Government and State). Essentially, if the federal government fails to protect our lives, liberty and house then it has failed in its purpose of being. It includes breached the end in the contract which it entered into together with the people, they have defaulted about its assurance and therefore may and should end up being removed by the citizens.

To Emma Rothschild (1995) in her paper entitled “What can be Security? ” she postulated that¦security has to be broadened from the traditional concentrate on the security of states to the security of folks. The United Nations Development System took because the principal concept of the its 1994 Human Creation Report the transition from nuclear protection to human security, or to the basic concept of human reliability, defined as basic safety from such chronic hazards as hunger, disease and repression, and protection from immediate and hurtful disruptions. The United Nations Secretary-General called in 1995 for going past armed comarcal security to enhancing or perhaps protecting the security of people inside their homes, careers and communities.

In light of this, it truly is fundamental the relevant secureness stakeholders recognize that the absence of large scale overall conflict does not always mean security is definitely ensured numerous Gambians have been experiencing seeing that 2016. The Gambia’s secureness woes can be attributed to numerous factors since would be defined in this conventional paper. The sights expressed with this paper happen to be my own views and not actually sacrosanct.

Peace is the mother’s milk of improvement and therefore presently there cannot be virtually any meaningful improvement in the a shortage of a stable, peaceful environment. The Gambia becoming a tiny nation known for their peaceful ambiance must not be permitted to degenerate into the Hobbesian state of character where everybody is out to obtain everyone.

There is no way to peace, peace may be the way as Mahatma Ghandi once explained. So it is incumbent upon just about every Gambia, more so those who master the coercive machinery of state for making things right.

A large number of pundits, political commentators and civilians likewise have over time been positing that the past government was a dictatorial 1. These view became even more pronounced in December 2016 when Yahya Jammeh’s routine was ousted in a democratic peregrination. A few would argue that security is often fragile following ousting “dictatorships” and that the current security ciel are as a result of this. It would be pointed out that dictatorships are weighty handed regimes that over emphasize protection and therefore squashing any refuse or delinquency. However , since the election in 2016 there has been a remarkable within criminal activity especially informed robbery, killing, court instances, rape, even kidnapping. This as some will argue is just as a result of scammers feeling that the is the break they have been expecting. The lack of concentrate of the this new government on protection has supplied a propagation ground intended for criminals to thrive. The promise of democracy and the lack of heavy-handedness of the current regime serve to only embolden the misfits in world.

However , the security concerns cannot be exclusively blamed for the gap kept by the previous regime since there are other culminating factors that further uncovered the security problems of the nation. Dr Ceesay who is politics analyst and a lecturer at the School of The Gambia at some point talked about the fact the presence of ECOMIG troops in the country will not prevent a long term security risk unless Chief executive Barrow tries to win over the trust and support in the Gambia Military. I i am tempted to agree with him for the easy fact that the Gambian Army is the long-term solution to our security challenges. In fact , it would be fatal for the state in the event the Gambian Armed service officers turn into disgruntled. The amount of ECOMIG forces in the country is not enough to control all of the border content and install effective patrols to suppress the equipped robberies prevailing. It is a popular fact that The Gambia Authorities Service is never and is certainly not well-equipped to effectively respond to the security requirements of the citizenry. Therefore it is incumbent upon Director Barrow to become proactive in trying to win the commitment and support of the Gambian Army Officers because a fake army is a dangerous a single. By the way, all are Gambians and want the very best for this nation. In addition , the borders of this country are incredibly loose that people can merely waltz out-and-in without any right checks in any respect. Incorporating the Gambian Military services Officers in the fabric of security may help curb these kinds of border concerns. In essence, the sidelining in the Gambia Armed service has contributed to the increasing security problems especially criminal offenses in the country. It can be arguable that internal secureness of the express is vested in the Police but the repeated armed robberies have proven that the Law enforcement officials are incapable through simply no faults of their own to deal with this kind of menace. Hence the army could and should assist during these striving times.

What happens as you couple low lack of security with poverty, unemployment, prescription drugs, poor education and deportations? It is a menu for disaster if care is not really taken. Countries like the Israel, Columbia, Brazil and others possess a never ending drugs and guns problem. Security in some regions of these countries is actually a nightmare which is as a result of unemployment, medications, loose reliability no education and poverty. Gambia contains a high rate of joblessness especially among youth, low income is widespread, marijuana is a first and last item on our agenda among the jobless and deported youth who have struggle to reach Europe looking for greener pastures. It is basic logic that in most countries with excessive crime rates, the obvious reasons which the criminals themselves acknowledge will be poverty, joblessness, poor education and drugs. The federal government of the day cannot ignore the intense urgency of now. Govt has to create the permitting environment intended for the youngsters to flourish as they make up the majority from this country. This is especially important regarding deportees who also are annoyed by and with the system for years. Disappointment leads to anger and that is when people look for spots or items to in-take their anger on. This could be seen in growing crime rates and also other social vices.

The inexperience and indecisiveness in the politicians emboldens criminals. Politics is a form of art but sadly most of our legislators do not understand how politics is played. As well as again we now have seen indecisiveness on the part of the politicians the moment events that want a position arise. Whether this is as a result of incompetence or lack of politics will thereof is open to interpretation. Governmental policies in Africa is so unattractive that most of the time it does not appeal to our ideal men and women, rather we see kleptocracies and kakistocratic regimes. Most of the time in Africa it is a case of the blind (Politicians) leading the clueless (Mob). The modern government has to look further than their noses and start staying more important about the continuing future of this country. The Gambia and Gambians need to be a more hands-on kind of persons instead of a hands-out kind of persons and this depends on our frontrunners. Time and again we have seen each of our leaders heading round pleading other countries and corporations for cash and this is just sad. This is the time to focus on repairing from within and understand that creation cannot come from without.

“Remembrance by Learning” these are generally the words created at the Kigali Genocide Art gallery entrance as well as they have learnt and everyone more should learn from them. Planing a trip to Rwanda has become an experience to get the ages. The Rwandans today do not discuss tribe at all because the year 1994 genocide is a painful prompt of what tribal discord can let loose. Nowadays in tiny Gambia you see persons and personal parties clashing because of tribal differences. From time to time there is a disturbance of the serenity because several lunatic simply cannot look over and above his/her immature mind because if they did, it would start on them that politics is not a matter of life and death issue but a contest of tips. Besides, poverty is poverty whether you are Jola or Wolof or Mandinka, poor education, healthcare devices, bad highways all affects us evenly. In fact on page 2 with the Foroyaa magazine editorial twenty-three April 2018, it is remarked that political get-togethers should conserve the personal from personal conflicts. That the leadership of those parties must work for the regular good of the nation. The frequent dissension of political parties further threatens the safety of this country and even exposes the weakness of the complete system thereby providing a windows for felony networks to control.

In summary, to take on these myriad of problems requires all practical deck and a motivation by the command to do precisely what is right and necessary to maintain little Gambia. As Doctor Ceesay announced, Adama Barrow must succeed the trust of the Gambia military and present them the confidence to accomplish their work. Two years must be enough time intended for government to be in down and commence the business of putting affairs in order. Employment needs to be created for the junior in order to decrease poverty, capabilities need to be built through skills training, each of our entire education system must be reshuffled since it was designed to provide the colonial administration and not the requires of our people. Illicit drug use and abuse must not be allowed to increase among the youngsters as this is a recipe pertaining to crime. There is also a disconnect between governors and the governed and this should not be the situation. There should be an immediate communication funnel between the people and their staff. Politicians turn to the next political election, statesmen check out the next generation in respect to Professor Lumumba. Going round pleading is not going to solve Gambia’s concerns, solutions should be home grown. Help is never totally free irrespective of whether it is a grant or loan therefore if any kind of meaningful progress is to be noticed and the protection of this region restored and protected, we have to roll up our masturbator sleeves and receive dirty.

After 4 hundred years of slavery and colonialism, the British colonialists could only muster enough resources to build all of us three schools. After 53 years of self-reliance, we skedaddle back to a similar colonialist capacity to beseech pertaining to help to finance our advancement agenda. This defies purpose that full sovereign coin African market leaders celebrate being colonized by simply Britain following struggling to get so long to regain our freedom. Simply recently for the 19-20th of April, 2018, the market leaders of people of prevalent wealth countries or previous British colonies converged in England to celebrate being colonized and that we are becoming asked by the Prime Minister of England to legalize gay matrimony. Gee I wonder so why the United States is not area of the Common Riches even though it was once a British colony. Aid will certainly not be free and these are some of the conditions that come with it. The only sustainable way to development is through involvement of the youth in each and every step with the development method. The youth must be the driving force, the engine of economic progress in this country. They should not really be by standers or spectators. Virtually any government it does not cater for its youth hazards instability because they use destructive means of venting their particular frustration. Democracy does not and cannot operate without a very good economy or perhaps sound education. A well-oiled democracy just functions with the presence of the well-informed citizen and the citizen can only learn through education. The government must also bear in mind that democracy is an ideal, it does not mean american democracy since their type of democracy are not able to work in virtually any African region. We must acknowledge the rule of ethnic relativism which will argues that different countries have different ethnicities and therefore require differences techniques in carrying out a plan or in this case democracy. Gambian democracy must be different from American democracy because our contexts are very different, our cultures are different. Yet , our all-natural rights of life, liberty and home are inalienable.

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