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Outline Design: Essay within the Nursing Lack

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I. Summary of the topic

A. Facts about the nursing shortage

1 . Global statistics

2 . Domestic figures

B. Influences on sufferer care and quality of care

C. Thesis: Based on what the facts suggests, the causes of and solutions to the nursing shortage.

II. First physique paragraph related to the nursing jobs shortage

A. Causes of the shortage.

1 ) Aging human population

2 . Point out of medical education

three or more. Working conditions

B. Data to support claims

III. Second body passage

A. What is being done about the breastfeeding shortage.

1 . Institution plans

2 . Point out policies

3. Federal procedures

B. Obstacles to change

1 ) Complexity of problem

installment payments on your Not all areas experience shortage

3. Price and community policy concerns

IV. Third body passage

A. Approaches to the problem

1 . Public insurance plan

2 . Education/higher education

M. Importance pertaining to improving sufferer outcomes

V. Conclusion

A. Clearly, the nursing scarcity is a trouble (restate the thesis)

N. Causes and effects of the nursing lack

C. Proactive approach, ie. expanding options to get nurse education and bettering working circumstances.

Example Format: Essay around the Nursing Lack

I. Nursing jobs is one of the worlds fastest developing professions; after that how can presently there be a breastfeeding shortage? (American Association of faculties of Nursing, 2019).

A. Institutional factors

1 . Command and organizational culture

2 . Working circumstances and burnout

B. Populace variables

1 . Aging human population

2 . Bettering healthcare means people live much longer

C. Effects of shortage

1 . Poor quality of care

2 . Inequitable entry to healthcare

D. Thesis: To improve quality of care around the world, the working circumstances for nursing staff need to alter, nurses have to be more empowered to make decisions, and technology must be implemented more effectively.

II. In line with the American Relationship of Colleges of Nursing (2019), the nursing shortage is only projected to grow within the next decade.

A. Aging Baby Boomers require more nurses, although there are not yet enough to meet demands.

M. Not all areas experience a nursing lack.

III. The effects of the nursing shortage incorporate medical mistakes and poorer outcomes for a lot of patients.

A. Legal and ethical concerns arise when ever addressing the needs of nurses compared to needs of patients.

M. The breastfeeding shortage can easily exacerbate health care disparities.

IV. To respond efficiently to the nursing jobs shortage requires changes in nursing education, in healthcare operations and organizational culture, and also in enhancing healthcare technology.

A. Broadening nurse education is the very first step to minimizing the global nursing shortage.

W. Nurses will need incentives to work, which will requires major transformations for the working circumstances to prevent burnout and employee turnover.

C. Technology including artificial cleverness and tele-medicine will help reduce the turmoil.

V. Bottom line: Increasing the quantity and quality of nursing jobs education courses, actively recruiting personnel to work in health care, and moving to artificial intelligence systems for health care procedures the moment possible will all help alleviate the nursing shortage.

A. General public policy continue to does need to reflect the changing needs of the population.

B. The shortage should be addressed applying data and metrics.

C. Advanced technologies will in the end help improve patient outcomes.


American Relationship of Colleges of Nursing (2019). Nursing shortage. Retrieved from: https://www.aacnnursing.org/News-Information/Fact-Sheets/Nursing-Shortage

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