Overheard in county sligo article

This suggests that she is slightly unhappy and has considered going out of, because it is very easy. The door to independence is at underneath of the street, a short walk and she is going to be away from the life that she has. Yet this makes me think why? Why will not she simply leave? I do think she stays because the girl thinks that if the girl leaves she might not obtain anywhere, or perhaps she may well regret giving all the things she already features. This stanza is an earlier look showing how she is sense deep straight down, she is wanting to know, is that way of living right for her or can there be something else.

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Stanza three focuses on her ambitions, what she desired to be, before she wedded this gentleman from Roscommon. Her first ambition was going to work in a highly know theatre in Dublin called the Abbey. I know this because she says, “I had thought to work on the Abbey stage She wished to be popular.

The girl wanted a rich and fabulous lifestyle. She wanted to still an audience with a look. I know this because on line four in stanza three she says, “or still the crowd which has a look The lady wanted to make people look at her and believe Wow. The lady wanted to be the centre of interest and have every eyes on her behalf whilst the girl with on stage.

She had an imaginative ambition nevertheless she did not follow it, rather she committed a man from Roscommon. Her other goal was to have got her brand in a publication, which is one more artistic desire, to be a novelist. She desired to write testimonies that would stun people and make them believe she was such a talented article writer. I know this kind of because she says, “or have my term in a book, to see my personal name on printed page,  The lady really wanted to get famous; sadly she wedded a man from Roscommon together to give up these aspirations. She seems to mourn over this kind of fact. Your woman married someone who prevented her from fulfilling her dreams.

Stanza four shows all of us that this wounderful woman has a very uninteresting life that is mundane. Your woman cleans up, folds the breakfast cloth polishes and dusts. Which basically what the first 3 lines says, its line for that give us another huge clue showing how she is genuinely feeling inside herself. That says, “¦ find my own face in the glass This kind of suggests that she’s lost; and never happy about this fact possibly. She should find their self, but the girl doesn’t believe she can find herself in her current environment. To look for who you actually are, a large number of people have to leave their particular environment and go anywhere else to find out what really drives them is obviously.

This girl is shed and doesn’t always have anything to allow her to do what the lady wants with her your life. The unnecessary repetition in this is in there for any reason “¦ find my personal face inside the glass That is certainly there so you don’t forget that, finding my face. This sticks in your head, because it is this kind of a key collection to the composition, she wants to find herself which can be the main history of this poem, she is misplaced and very unsatisfied and she wants to find very little before this too late although she aren’t do it because she has committed to this man from County Roscommon. Her identity is definitely lost and she wants to find it, this highlights her unhappiness.

The last stanza of the poem is incredibly interesting. It starts off with her acknowledging that she should be a completely happy person I know this since she says, “I ought to truly feel I’m a cheerful woman The girl isn’t a content woman although, but the girl knows that the girl should be. That shows just how unhappy she actually is. She is thus unhappy your woman knows that she should be happy, but she also knows that the girl isn’t in a position of being happy in her current circumstance and environment. Then the latter lines are the same as the first two lines which can be very interesting. “I married a person from County Roscommon

and i also live in the spine and beyond This suggests that she is trying to reassure himself that she actually is ok and she is able of being happy when she can’t exactly where she is. Other folks would be quite happy with her way of life. But the lady isn’t, this may not fair onto her either. This kind of poem shows a woman who may be trapped within a life the girl doesn’t desire, and its like she are not able to get away. I think there is a hidden meaning to this poem and I think this is is this: “Don’t get into whatever won’t cause you to be happy because in the long term you’ll be the one getting hurt.

That may be like the girl in the poem, she got married and it’s making her happy, she actually is hurting inside. I’m going to wind up the essay now searching for the similarities as well as the differences between two poems and what actually of these. Let me start with the similarities. The key protagonists in each poem are ladies; both females are upset and need anything. I noticed that both of these girls are burdened with all the residence hold duties. This annoys both the ladies and makes them equally very tired. Both of the women dislike all these chores. This is for different factors though, which I will broaden on inside the differences.

They both apparently live in a scarcely booming area, one living in a village and another living on the back of beyond. They will both seem to be day dreamers, the woman in ‘Woman Work’ dreams about being released naturally, whereas the lady in ‘Overheard in County Sligo is usually day dreaming about what she could have done with her your life. There is a difference about this time dreaming that I will get to on the differences. They equally seem to be by itself, in ‘Woman Work’ she only has children plus the occasional business around, in addition to ‘Overheard in County Sligo she simply has her husband and a few animals.

Both of these women happen to be from countries that are outside the UK, one particular from UNITED STATES and one from Ireland. They both have very similar social mannerisms. The lady from ‘Woman Work’ seems to live pertaining to work and it is committed and loyal and will do anything for her husband or owner. She appears to be a hard employee and she seems to take action to make sure you. Whereas over in ‘Overheard in State Sligo’ appears to be more sociable, more amazing, I can tell this kind of through her ambitions, to become an actress, to be an actress you have to address lots of people, and you must be polite and have social expertise.

These commonalities show they own a lot in keeping, but some of the similarities come with difference fastened. I will broaden on these in a paragraphs time. These similarities present how persons can be in totally different circumstances, different cultures but could be getting the same thoughts, they the two feel sad by their situation and that displays how much they may have in common their particular hearts happen to be feeling very similar emotions. Though these emotions are subjective, because they don’t have the exact feeling with out body in world has the exact same feeling.

So these are summary emotions but they are so related. They are saddened, tired, uninterested, annoyed, and frustrated. The list goes on. That is essentially what I noticed about the similarities of such two different but strangely very similar poems. I think which the two girl are both evenly unhappy, its just for several reasons, the causes will be extended on in the next paragraph, although there does not seem to be very much difference in unhappiness, it appears to be quite similar. Now I am going to talk about the differences which i noticed.

In ‘Woman Work’ the woman only wants a rest, whereas in ‘Overheard in County Sligo she would like to be a great actress. This seems to be a significant self centred ambition, mainly because in other areas of the world people can’t get married to and have completely horrible lives and all she can think about is possible giving, when she can. In ‘Overheard in County Sligo’ the woman says, “I got thought to work with the Abbey stage and have my identity in a book, to see my personal thought on the printed page, or still the group with a seem.  This shows that this lady has previous goals. When the girl was younger she could have done these things.

She planned to be the centre of attention, not stuck in the center of nowhere. She is saying your woman had previous ambitions that she would have fulfilled. But she don’t act on might due to the lifestyle of Ireland, the Catholics in Ireland are very strict and divorce is usually not an appropriate option your woman may are also pressured in marrying aged if the lady did leave she would receive nothing. Now at her age the girl probably would not reach work in the Abbey or become a renowned author. In similarities, I mentioned about how they equally dislike carrying out chores, I actually said We would expand for the differences of these.

In ‘Woman Work’ the woman dislikes the chores mainly because they wheel her away and she struggles to accomplish them all the moment she is so tired. In ‘Overheard in County Sligo’ she will not like all of them because they are monotonous; she would like to do something with her lifestyle. She seems to be a very personal centred woman does the one out of ‘Overheard in County Sligo’. They day time dream, but , in ‘Woman Work’ your woman dreams of a release naturally, setting her free to ensure that she can have the evening of rest, when in ‘Overheard in Region Sligo’ she dreams of becoming famous. Again that appears very do it yourself centred.

The ultimate difference is that in ‘Woman Work’ the girl with from the UNITED STATES and in ‘Overheard from State Sligo’ she is from Ireland in europe. These cultures are different; this means the woman by ‘Overheard in County Sligo’ could easily leave whereas the woman in ‘Woman Work’ cannot keep, this is due to the tradition. Having these types of differences is a great thing, since it gives you things look out for in the poem, these matters can then move on to other things etc . So these differences how that the poetry may be identical but they are even now very different.


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