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George Safford Parker founded Parker Pen Firm in 1892 in Janesville, Wisconsin. That began with all the production of his 1st fountain pen. Afterwards in 1894, Parker had it is first key innovation; “the lucky curve” which comprised on minimizing the flow caused in fountain writing instruments. Parker’s initially marketing way was to create high quality pens and make sure they are become position symbols; Parker pens had been signer’s beloved, giving the business the 1st or second position internationally.

The company attained this successful position because of investigations and development by simply constantly innovating for the production of new products; for instance with all the creation of Quink “quick drying printer ink, they made the Parker 51; which usually became a bestseller and was catalogued as “the most perfect pen ever produced”.

This gave the business $400 million within 30 years. By the end of 1980 the parker writing instruments were bought from over 150 countries. In 1987 you�re able to send headquarters was moved to Newhaven, East Sussex, England. Then in 1993 Parker was aquired simply by Gillette Business, which currently owned the PaperMate company.

In that case in 2k Gillette sold the company to Newell Rubbermaid, and became the biggest in the world using writing items with brandnames such as, Sharpie, Parker, PaperMate, Waterman and Liquid Newspaper, among others.

People involved

George Parker the founder

James R. Peterson the president and CEO of Parker Pen:

Peterson has to deal with the compay’s problems, for instance instead of having over 40 publishing companies he appointed one that could do the job coming from all. Jack Marks the head of writing instruments advertising

Richard Swart the marketing vice president:

Before coming into Pen Parker, he proved helpful for 3M

Carlos Del Nero ahead software is Parker’s manager of worldwide marketing organizing.

Business engaged

Dog pen Parker Organization

Gillette Company

Newell Rubbermaid

The U. E. subsidiary

Ogilvy & Mather:

Main problem

Parker Pen Company encountered some challenging years wherever they were certainly not obtaining as much revenues as you expected. Therefore the business hired a new board of promoting directors searching for the execution of new techniques for the company. The brand new board, which will consisted of highly qualified people, started out their campaign by standardizing the products within a centralized system. This central system contains abolishing plurality in the decision-making. The new system they implemented which was a world wide strategy caused the organization more than 20 dollars million in looses. Entrepreneurs didn’t check out therefore provided the company a bad image on the market.


Because the company was having a lot of issues that was preventing the company to rise up, in 1985 the CEO was terminated, moving you�re able to send new system to a decentralized one. The corporation is now able to adapt to adjustments, it is able to adapt to the numerous social barriers existing around the world, creating different advertising plans for each nation; with this, Parker regain their particular image in order to be able to location themselves on the market.


1 . The globalization process inside the Parker coop company was obviously a failure till major strength changes had been implemented by simply James 3rd there�s r. Peterson. Before this change the corporation had misdirected its work to globalize its procedures, many crucial maneuvers had been ignored which led to a detailed to individual bankruptcy status that was never inside the company’s programs. Basic guidelines of the positive effect for any firm state that a substantial research in the potential marketplace has to be performed, and very extensively. investigating the marketplace conditions in not enough, political, legal, cultural and ethnic aspect must be at the top of the list to make sure that the approaches will m effective and that consumers will respond absolutely to the strategies implemented. This is one of the things that Parker pens failed to carry out, they simply relied over a weak forex that allowed foreign marketplaces to purchase American-made products, this may only last until the U. S. dollars lost it is acquisitive worth.

Another reason for what reason their globalization process failed was mainly because they shattered another critical rule, they will didn’t focus their procedure and gave creative and operational autonomy to all with their branches. This kind of caused an excellent loss of unternehmensidentit�t and became a large problem at most critical time since a different sort of solution was to be presented for each one of the subsidiaries.

2 . The problem that Parker pencil had in its globalization process was spawned form miscalculations or deficiency of vision in very key areas. The first thing which the positive effect promoters at the Parker Business underestimated was the strength and impact from the changing market. They by no means considered that economic and political conditions might vary in such a way that their overseas operations would collapse in such a way. They relied on a very strong dollar which made it simple for foreign costumers to purchase many, making this all their most important source of income. By overlooking this important event they will drove themselves into an ungainly position where they had low sales internally and over independent subsidiaries having a large stock and no market share at all.

The other element that they did not consider critically before participating in such a risky entrepreneurship was the reality they were residing in a time when ever Chinese significant production was starting to avalanche the markets with cheaper and even more convenient products, at an area where people demanded cheaper merchandise due to a volatile overall economy and political situation. Their particular product line interesting depth and thickness were very impressive with above 400 several product, they had a solid portfolio but nothing to compete directly with the produced in higher quantities pens originating from China. They will relied prove traditional companies their classic distribution stations, in which these people were losing all their entire market share as well.

three or more. The Parker pen business is one on 1000s of examples that can be quoted to be merged with a bigger firm; this is a natural condition of globalization as a fiscal phenomenon. Like everything else that is involved in globalization, this specific circumstance of being acquired by a larger company provides its upside and its disadvantage. For a organization like parker that a new considerably large operation globally, the bad things are reduced important compared to the positive things. The main bad factors that could have are for example a possible loss of the company´s recognize how. By having to allow to another company’s rules and methods, Parker could have dropped its own understanding of the business, this can be a very important commodity today and it’s hard to maintain it when a firm has to turn into an active part of another one.

Centralizing Parker writing instruments to Gillette and Rubbermaid could also induce a dangerous situation amongst the staff, changing cities and managers has a substantial impact in the moral of the employees since they begin to shed their firm identity which can be another important commodity that companies perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable to lose since it is one of the main incentives which the workers have got. Identity in the company can be just as important as id outside it, if a merger like this signifies that there will be changes implemented inside the company´s graphic it could result in a lack of costumers or perhaps a major shift in the place that the firm has regarding “top of mind”.

The huge benefits that this condition could bring upon a company are several associated with great importance. In the case of Parker pens, a company with a extremely important level of reputation worldwide, getting started with a larger venture would indicate broadening their market share worldwide, by having better, bigger and even more distribution channels, allowing them to reach new consumers which is a really hard thing to do in the world today. A big brand behind a brand means even more resources, as a result means more research intended for product development, more advertisement, more promotional tactics, better researching the market with a finer degree of segmentation and every other activity that would help a business to better it´s self. An additional very important thing is the support that Parker pens might have by being section of the Rubbermaid holding, this makes it much easier to innovate and take risks, it also transfers a sense of security to the costumer, they know that staying part of the world´s leader in writing instruments does not come convenient, so having faith in Parker writing instruments is some thing they can and should do.


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