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Nurse To Patient Proportion, Forecasting, Content Analysis, Percentage Analysis

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Patton Fuller

Provide a comparative analysis of the last 2 years of data.

Regarding Patton Richer Hospital, they have been increasing their particular total numbers of debt, debts and possessions. This is worsening their budget with administrators failing to aggressively addresses rising bills. At the same time, they are really causing the overall current and long-term property to decrease dramatically. The beneath table is illustrating the overall scope of the changes in the last two years. (“2009 Total annual Report, inches 2010)

Modifications to the Financial Position of Patton Fuller Hospital

Current Possessions

$130, 026

$128, 867

Total Possessions

$588, 567

$558, 545

Total Current Liabilities

$8, 380

$23, 807

Total Liabilities

$213, 450

$462, 163

Current Long-Term Personal debt

$4, 185

$14, 599

This is showing how Patton Fuller is facing major financial problems. The way this is occurring can be through the service experiencing growing levels of debt and financial obligations. While their current and long-term resources are decreasing. These elements are indicating that increasing costs are having a negative effect on the operations with the facility. (“2009 Annual Survey, ” 2010)

Explain how a 2010 spending budget assumptions will certainly positively or perhaps negatively have an effect on Patton-Fuller.

The budgetary presumptions are negatively impacting Patton Fuller. This is because the service is underestimating their costs associated with treating inpatients. According to the CEO, these estimations were $1 million below the particular projections had been for the last 12 months. This is from your economy decreasing and the clinic realizing suffering levels of profits. While the costs; for rendering care have got continued to boost exponentially. (“2009 Annual Report, ” 2010)

Evidence of this is often seen while using CEO stating, “To address the rise in Accounts Receivable, the Board created a business management panel to examine and report about efficiencies in the business office, such as the error in inventory charge and the embrace inventory general. We started out 2010, within an environment of uncertainty motivated by a great uneven economic climate, continued substantial unemployment plus the contentious argument of healthcare reform. inches This is showing how the 2010 budgetary presumptions are underestimating the impact of inefficiency, federal government regulations and rising costs on the clinic. (“2009 Gross annual Report, inches 2010)

Describe how you may use a tendency analysis to plan for staffing at Patton-Fuller.

Trend analysis is useful in showing the way staffing problems are becoming even worse. This is because it can be identifying how a ratio of nurses to patients is declining with it sitting down at your five to 1. Within the next year, the staff is supposed to work with improving enrolling and schooling inside these types of

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