Problem Behavior Syndrome Essay

Trouble Behavior Symptoms (PBS) can be a number of asocial behaviors that cluster with each other which may contain family disorder, substance abuse, smoking, educational underachievement, suicidal thoughts/attempts, unemployment and in many cases crime. (Siegel, 2011) There is certainly one person that comes to mind which has a criminal record and in addition possesses many antisocial behaviours listed in the written text. That person, regretfully, is my ex boyfriend/ baby’s father, Jonathon. He could be only twenty-seven years old and already provides two strikes against him.

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The ego?ste behaviors that pertain to him are: family problems, smoking, substance abuse, unemployment, and academic underachievement. Personally, i believe his mother is usually to blame for that. She’s a lazy, jobless alcoholic and possibly bipolar. The lady picks battles with him whenever possible and has even gotten him arrested a few times.

She is and many likely under no circumstances was a confident role version for Jon. Maybe it has to do along with his father by no means being around. Who understands?

He had obtained a girl pregnant although he was simply 15 possibly even. I have met that child and the mother; I feel she’s already proceeding down the road he went. That may be exactly why I will not allow him to be in my daughter’s life.

I don’t want her to be like him by any means. I am not sure just how or whom introduced him to medications but that is certainly his biggest downfall. Drugs (crystal meth) are how come he’s recently been arrested. That fact that this individual smoked that as well didn’t make points better.

He has never injured anyone or perhaps robbed anything either therefore thank the almighty for that. As he has a record, it’s very hard pertaining to him to discover a decent job. But the fact that he is aiming to turn his life about and produce something of himself, is what makes me understand for a reality he won’t become another PBS figure.

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