Romeo and Juliet – characters responsible for their deaths Essay

This essay can prove from my standpoint, that three characters with the actions, decisions and timing were most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. I believe, the character most responsible was Friar Lawrence, for he married Romeo and Juliet without their particular parents’ consent, although this individual did provide them with advice. “Wisely and slower; they stumble that run quickly. ” (Act II, south carolina III, lines 94-95).

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Up coming, he advised that Juliet swallow the poison, which will without a doubt, was a very impulsive decision. Furthermore, when he was in the burial place with Juliet, upset regarding Romeo’s fatality, could have salvaged her lifestyle by sticking with her and comforting her when your woman didn’t want to keep. Instead he betrayed her by leaving.

In the end, Friar Lawrence blamed himself and offered to sacrifice his life. Romeo’s acting impulsively played the role and it is shown when he quickly chop down out of love with Rosaline and in love with Juliet, having decided to marry her after knowing her for less than every day. Another case of instinct was as a result of misunderstanding and assumption, when he assumed that Juliet was dead.

His only thought was to take his your life, instead of figuring out if the lady was still surviving. Romeo was also vengeful and didn’t think even though or control his feelings as in the example once Tybalt wiped out Mercutio and Romeo ran after Tybalt to pay back. This bad decision led to Romeo being suspended from Verona and began the misunderstanding between Romeo and Juliet, which ultimately led to all their deaths. Juliet, also liable was incredibly young, and didn’t have the maturity to cope with love.

Firstly, she was impulsive by hurrying Romeo into matrimony. Secondly, she came to the Friar looking for help. “I long to die, in the event that what thou speak’st speak not of remedy” (Act 4, sc I, lines 66-67) which will showed her attitude toward her condition. She didn’t think items through when ever she approved the Friar’s solution to take the poison. Finally, being too emotional instead of rational, the girl made the conscious decision to destroy herself having seen Romeo deceased. Although all characters were responsible, issues could have been several if that they considered all their actions and consequences.

For instance , Friar Lawrence should not have married Romeo and Juliet. Romeo must not have rushed into a new position with Juliet so quickly. Instead of working on emotion and vengeance this individual should have considered the consequences. Lastly, Juliet must have received more support from those around her to hold back due to her young age. To conclude, everyone served too quickly and the emotions controlled their activities.

For the issues above, I think that all 3 characters had been responsible. Generally speaking, we found that in Friar Lawrence’s case, good intentions weren’t enough. In Romeo and Juliet’s naive minds, committing suicide was a quickly answer to their particular problems. Generally there innocence as well proved that jumping into conditions too fast just brought damage. All three heroes had fatal flaws that along with their activities and timing eventually triggered the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

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