Psychology in the News Essay

Teenage has always been regarded a period of experimentation and risk choosing. It is a time when teens become extremely aware of themselves and their systems, leading to problems with regard to body image, self-pride and adverse emotions in general. One disturbing trend in the American culture is young suicide.

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In June 2009, news item published inside the San Jose Mercury reports website (www. mercurynews. com) tackled the cruel reality with this grave difficulty surrounding the tumultuous a lot of the adolescent Americans. Fisher started with an account of teen suicide (Fisher 2009). After two consecutive student suicides for Gunn High school graduation, a community community forum was held to offer assistance to teens bombarded with problems in addition to the process, avoid committing committing suicide (2009).

During the forum kept at Cubberly Community Middle, the Pena Alto community tried to discover the answers on how to steer clear of teen committing suicide and at the very least, find thinking on the school’s successive suicides. Citing figures from the Countrywide Institute of Mental Overall health, Fisher portrayed that teenage suicide positions a greater threat to children than swine flu virus (Fisher 2009). She also known the result of a single survey which will estimates that 1 in 12 students had used a shot (no pun intended) at suicide in the past year (2009).

As the figures are alarming especially to the father and mother, Fisher argued that not any significant solutions have been located. Community forums and counselling are the usual methods laid to alleviate this problem (2009). While there happen to be warning signs that parents and teachers may well detect, including alcohol and drug abuse and changes in attitudes towards schools and other associations, Fisher said that these kinds of signs may possibly sometimes be hard to find or forgotten upon, hence making it harder to prevent committing suicide (2009). Fisher ended by simply voicing out concerns over when the community would start getting serious about teen major depression and committing suicide (2009).

Good news item is definitely, as mcdougal opined, a wake-up call’ on the gravity of teen depression and suicide. As a future mother or father, it is a cause of alarm just for this author. In the event the current circumstance cannot be improved, if the volume of teen depression and committing suicide continue to rise, it will be more difficult for future father and mother and children to get to the bottom of it. At this point, the statistics already are startling, also ten years via now?

Everyone should remember that the youth is the long term generation although if the future technology is constantly plagued with depression and suicide, how will that they lead the country? It is something that everyone is going to take seriously. This news item related to psychology upon two things: initially, it addresses a period inside the life span progress individuals, regarding the teenagers.

It is a time when an person undergoes physical changes along with personality and social creation. It is a change phase when the individual is no longer a child although not yet the. It includes human advancement, which comes under developing psychology, the study of changes in people from delivery through senior years.. Second, this news item pertains adolescence which has a common developmental problem, which can be suicide.

It is often known that suicidal patterns among children is related to psychological complications such as despression symptoms, drug abuse and disruptive patterns. As such, they can be directly associated with the field of psychology. As previously mentioned, depression can be described as leading reason behind suicidal tendencies and despression symptoms, as everyone knows, is a common mood disorder. It is important to get to lumination the issue of teenager depression and suicide, not just in treat it but to prevent it in the first place.

Since the author of the news item said, will not take several suicidal happenings to take the challenge seriously. Function Cited Fisher, Patty. Teen suicide demands Attention. San Jose Mercury News. 06 2009. a few August 2009< http://www. mercurynews. com/ci_12523782? nclick_check=1>

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