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Now a days, technology are quickly improving, computers are commonly work with specially in some business. Even so some users are not commonly having know-how about in pc. But now technology improve the program to make users can easily get or run. In this study we want to produce a new program in Jumil’s Funeral Company. Record Keeping System that will allow them to to minimize time in manual recording within their business and steer clear of the wrong information in their consumers and also maintain your record safe and sound for the sake of the clients or customer and this system will be better their business.


Mrs. Marites Barrion starts in 1993 on Mahabang Parang Binangonan Rizal in just only casket making, but Mrs. Marites Barrion is definitely not satisfied in casket making. In 1997 she forms her personal branch in Calumpang Binangonan Rizal. After finishing her branch in Calumpang Binangonan Rizal, Mrs. Marites Barrion try to make a steel casket and this casket produce her business rise up.

The name “Jumil’s is came from the name of her parents “Jun Barrion and Milagros Barrion and combining the initials of her siblings and only one particular brother, Jonathan, Jennifer, Marites and Dorothy.


¢ As we make an effort to our eyesight, we spirit our total commitments to any or all plan holders. We shall provide the quality solutions, packages and affordable offerings as exceptional as every person at all times.


¢ Even as hold faithful to our loved ones in life. We shall honor please remember them within their journey above and beyond as a funeral service services via lay-away ideas. ¢ We could committed to provide families and individually in faiths and colors through prep in over and above life. ¢ We the Jumil’s Funeral Co. lay-away plans and established each of our selves locally and areas best in keeping our traditions of real concern and compassion care, we shall enhance our competitive edge by making use of state offuneral art systems and carrying on a subset of serves that is certainly to a professionalism, loyalty, pride and ethics.

Statement with the Problem

This kind of study can enhance the manual process of Jumil’s Funeral Co. into digital process.

The system aims to solve the following concerns:

1 . Errors in recording

2 . Eating lot of amount of time in writing the record

3. Can certainly access to record and edit the information To make a new system we must understand or discover how the existing system performs. This is how assumptive framework ideal for our examine, identifies how your existing system functions and how will the cycle of your existing system.

The System Paradigm (Figure1) shows Jumil’s Burial Co. Record Keeping System. The development life cycle should be considered to enhance the existing program used by the college. It must have the passes where the inputs become digital. Jumil’s Funeral service Co. Record Keeping System The development of the Jumil’s Memorial Co. Record Keeping Program relies on the approach as well as the step-by-step process, which is regularly called Devices Development Existence Cycle. Devices Development Lifestyle Cycle (figure2) provides classic and structured programming way. This allows the experts to analyze, design and style, and create a system that might help the difficulty considered.

System Paradigm

Objective of the study

The goal of this study is to develop the Jumil’s Funeral Company. Record Keeping System that will help them to lessen the errors and complaints. Target:

1 . Easily to point the customers records;

2 . To preview the records easy and effortless

3. To take care of the documents safe and secured

Value of the Research

Socio-economic significance

From this study, the proposed program will inspire other college students to develop a highly effective and useful system.

Scientific significance

The proposed system will expose technology to the other burial services that until now is definitely using the manual method of recording their consumer records.


The suggested system is going to simplify and automate day-to-day tasks and may help maximize time put in with other work thereby featuring better assistance making it even more profitable.


The suggested system could make it much easier for the funeral service specifically to the clients to give in depth information about the information of the deceased person. The proposed system will help the employees/owner to create every documents can preview easier and fast.


The suggested system will assist the employees to give correct data on clientele and can locate the individuals record.


The suggested system can help the experts to develop their very own writing, research, and presentation skills required to make a fantastic thesis.

Upcoming Researchers

The proposed system will help the other research workers that have similar studies as they can get background information from the response to this research which will act as their basis to finish their research.

Range and Delimitation of the Study

In general, major of this examine is directed towards the improvement and development of Jumil’s Memorial Co. Record Keeping System. The study is essentially dependent on the honesty, sincerity and sincerity of the respondents. In this recommended system, going for a records will probably be computerized and definitely will provide clones for the customer/clients. Nevertheless , the proponentsgive level of secureness of the system to the operator. The Proprietor has the particular full access of the program and private records. The device can also printing about each of the records. The Operating System utilized in the system is usually Windows XP or Higher using Image Basic 6. 0 while the front end of the program and Ms Access since the database.


The group was expected to supply the requires of Jumil’s Funeral Co. with regards to the Manager and Staff for the best way of saving process. The analysis has been manufactured by the following presumptions:

1 . Time saving

2 . Everything will be control such as dearly departed person data, and their information

a few. Checking will probably be easy

Design Methodology

What happens in each stages from the system advancement life pattern, which the group goes after in featuring the likely solution, really testing and implementation is as follow: 1 . Identifying complications, opportunities and objectives. In this phase the group determines whether the issue exist and has remedy. The group has created task management plan, which will help or serve as a guide in solving the situation. The analysts also conducted a feasibility study that will determine if system is needed. 2 . Deciding information required. In this phase, the group analyzes and understands what information the GAS requires in their program. 3. Inspecting system needed. In this level the analysts prepared the program proposal that summarizes the details that been found, provide cost- profit analysis of alternatives and make suggestion of what should be done.

some. Designing the recommended program. In this stage the group will work about designing the outcome that will meet the information demands. After recommendation and authorization, the group will sooner or later design a database program. 5. Developing and creating software. The group provides the original application that is necessary. Documentation let us the user understand how to use the software and handles the problems arises. 6. Assessment and maintaining the system. Data is not applicable to use unless it undergone a lot of test in this stage a series of tests are executed topinpoint the problems. Program maintenance involves modification of the system as a result of changes inside the inventory procedure. 7. Rendering and considering the system. Following verifying and testing the information gathered, training the user to take care of the system and installation of the device is necessary from this phase.

Meaning of Terms

The terms beneath were described for a much deeper understanding of users and other analysts. Database ” is a software that handles data and allows fast storage and retrieval of the data. Microsoft Visual Fundamental 6. zero ” is a programming terminology and built-in development environment (IDE). That derives through the much old BASIC development language, and so is considered a helpful and relatively easy programming terminology for the beginner to find out. Visual Standard (VB) has become integrated into various software applications and in addition web applications. Visual Standard 6. zero was the final edition of Visual Basic and was followed by Visible Basic. NET. Windows ” is the most well-liked operating system for private computers.

There are many versions of the Windows operating system, including Or windows 7 (for home users) and Windows 2150 (for specialist users). Before versions of Windows incorporate Windows a few. 1, ninety five, 98, ME, and NT. All House windows platforms use a graphical user interface (GUI), like the Mac OS, and in addition offer a command-line interface pertaining to typing text commands. Program ” A great organized, purposeful structure viewed as a whole and consisting of interrelated and interdependent elements (components, entities, elements, members, parts etc . ). These elements regularly influence each other (directly or perhaps indirectly) to keep up their activity and the presence of the program, in order to obtain the goal of the device.


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