Reddish colored bull marketing strategy essay

1 . Executive summary

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Red Bull is most popular energy beverage of the world. They will sold more than 5 billion dollars cans in 164 countries all over the world in 2013. The brand name has a extremely good graphic and is category leader. Red Bull is definitely following a high price/quality premium product strategy, but there are a great number of competitors with lower prices setter pris p? Monster or perhaps Rockstar. The marketing strategy includes a lot of advertising and well-targeted sponsorship, especially with extreme sports activities. The aim target markets are young downtown males starting from 15 to 30 years aged.

2 . Introduction to the project

Red Bull is a power drink offered by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987. In terms of market share, Red Bull is considered the most popular energy drink on the globe, with five. 387 billion cans in 2013. 



The theory for drinks enriched with taurine result from japan. Universalschlüssel Mateschitz the inventor of Red Half truths imports the theory from Thailand to Europe. During a go to in Asia he knows that it was easier to getover the jetlag with an energy drink.

This individual took this idea plus the marketing idea, modified the constituents to suit the tastes of westerners and founded Reddish Bull GmbH in 1987 in Luxembourg. Based on the excellent marketing strategy with alternative scenes like techno music, mountainbiking or snow-boarding Red Half truths got very successful.

Product details

Red Bull is a lightly carbonated drink that enhances mental and physical activity. The normal serving size of Red Half truths is eight ounces, the serving is made up of 110 unhealthy calories, 27 grams of glucose and 80mg of caffeine.

Objectives from the paper

The following paper is about the situational research and suggestion of the advertising plan of Red Half truths. It identifies the marketing plan that features the Business Mission Statement, Condition Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Targets and the target audience. Next phase is about Placement which points out the process that influences potential customers total perception of your brand, products, or a company general. Furthermore the paper is about the four Ps that are referred to as Marketing Combine: Product, Charges, Place, Promo. Last section is a little summary with advice of Reddish colored Bull.

a few. Marketing Plan

3. you Business Quest Statement

‘ The inspiration of the advertising plan may be the mission declaration, which answers the question “What business will be we in?  “We are dedicated to upholding Reddish Bull criteria, while maintaining the leadership placement in the energy drinks category when delivering superior customer satisfaction in a very efficient and profitable way. We produce a culture exactly where employees reveal best practices dedicated to coaching and developing we as an employer of choice.  04/10/2014

Red Bull maintains more than 40% of the market share pertaining to nonalcoholic energy beverages and has confirmed to be a strong competitor against softdrink goliaths Cola and Soft drink. The key marketplaces include the Usa, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Chicken and Scandinavia. Red Bull is focusing on the Traditional western Europe and the USA marketplaces, as well as the progress markets of Brazil, Japan, India and China.

3. 2 Circumstance Analysis

‘ Marketers must understand the current and potential environment where the product or service will probably be marketed. Reddish Bull is present in more than 164 countries throughout the world. Thats a big challenge for planning, logistic, and cultural receptivity varies from place to place. The products can be found all over The united states, South America (except Uruguay) and far of The european union. But there is certainly still space to broaden to countries in Africa and the the southern part of pacific regions. Focus needs to be placed on areas where event tour stops will take place for marketing campaigns. Mainly because event marketing like recruiting extreme sporting events is an important factor of the online marketing strategy. Especially parts which are innately suited for intense sporting events should certainly been concentrated.

Sales development graph Reddish colored Bull

The chart shows the sales expansion in percent from 2000 to 2012 compared to the prior year. The x-axis signifies the year as well as the y-axis the sales development. 04/10/2014

3. 3 SWOT Analysis

‘ Identifying internal pros and cons and also examining external opportunities and threat

S ¾ Strengths

W ¾ Weaknesses

O ¾ Opportunities

T ¾ Threats


Name brand: Red Bull is the worlds most well-liked energy drink and with effective marketing tools item has created your brand image. The business sponsors severe sport situations, for example Audi Sportsline pertaining to the DTM or KTM road and Dakar rally bikes. They likewise have some group ownerships their best York Crimson Bulls or perhaps FC Reddish Bull Salzburg (both soccer teams). However the most effective marketing campaign was the groundwork from personal Red Bull events. Many of them are very renowned; some examples are Red Half truths crashed glaciers, Red Bull cliff diving world-series, Red Bull x-fighters.

Category innovator: Red Bull has established a powerful consistent company image internationally. They create a new product category in the US marketplace and have 40% of business currently. It is synonymous with energy refreshments in many countries. Reddish colored Bull is the global marketplace leader in the energy drink industry with all the largest sale and business. Brand top quality: Red Bull did not obtain the success and gained maximum business only because of promoting tactics, because product top quality has also distributed in this achievement of the brand. The strong and fresh taste has become a company identity.

Marketing strategy: The company has been employing a lot of promotions and well-targeted campaigns/sponsorship which have considerably helped the brand name on past to expand and enhance consumer company awareness. Broad geographic existence: Red Half truths has a wide-ranging geographic occurrence, which should make sure positive long term growth. Identifiable symbol: Red Bull provides a strong long lasting brand image with strong customer devotion.


High Price: The products are above the average selling price of energy drinks. Consumers usually think twice at the time of purchase. In comparison to the competitors Crimson Bull is virtually twice high-priced as Monster or Rock-star. Red Bull8. 3 florida oz1, 99 ” 2, 25 $

Monster16 florida ozapp. two, 50 money

Rockstar16 fl ozapp. 3, 00 $

Category limitations: Compared with different soft drinks companies Red Bull has the tiniest product category. The rivals have many other flavor varients and groups. Red Half truths is the just brand on the market with limited flavors and offers no selection in the product. Being a single brand product, it is difficult to capture the market. Such as Monster features 13 diverse Energy Drinks and six Java Refreshments. These category is fresh and is a combination out in the event coffee and energy. Not enough Innovation and Unique Selling Position: Within the industry you will discover number of competition who are employing innovation in product and unique marketing supplement. Red Half truths, on the other hand, is less innovative and use unique selling situation. Copy troublesome: Red Bulls recipe is usually subject to backup because of a insufficient patent. Demographic development: Most of the Red Bull consumers are beneath 30, which can be a problem down the road because the demographic development gets older. Questionable: The fairly high caffeine and taurine contents makes the brand extremely vulnerable to regulatory controls.


Extension of Product: Red Half truths is a individual item on the market, there is an opportunity for this to extend usana products line by simply developing more innovative goods. Offering fresh flavors and format could help to improve the market shares. Increase target group: Because of the market development it may be a possibility to broaden the target group to include older demographics by overcoming negative attitudes. For example with healthier products or another type of advertising to response seniors. Expansion into more countries: Emerging markets represent more recent geographic pertaining to Red Bulls expansion. The marketplace share in Brazil, Asia, India and China is really low. Red Half truths could enhance the sales with additional advertise during these countries.

New advertise campaigns: Red Half truths could use non-traditional opportunities in grocery stores and also other points of purchase to get more customers. Or recruiting other kinds of sport events. New platforms: In one facility media creation like Reddish Bull Multimedia House may continue creating Red Half truths original happy to maximize control. ´ Reddish Bull Media House can be described as multi-platform multimedia company having a focus on athletics, culture, and lifestyle. As an umbrella brand, you can expect a wide range of high quality media companies compelling articles across mass media channels while diverse since TV, cellular, digital, audio tracks, and print out, with key media offerings that appeal to a global audience. ´


Fresh production: To help make the retail value more competitive Red Bull could build new development facilities in emerging countries. For example Asia or Western Europe could possibly be countries for a cheaper creation. Because Reddish Bull has no own development, a company known as “Rauch is usually producing the drink in Austria. Even for conveying Red Bull is not really producing a completely focus, instead of they shipping it finished in the cans. This kind of generates high costs for the availability and shipping.


Giant competition: The presence of huge and giant competitors could affect the market position of Crimson Bull. List represents the biggest threat as it contains 100 % natural ingredients, which seems more appealing than Crimson Bull for a few consumers. Customer awareness of well being: In case of buyer awareness linked to health, it might be possible that client give up to imbibe Red Bull. Maybe customers rather beverage healthier normal drinks than Red Bull in the future. The industry for healthful drinks achievement bigger plus more and more persons prefer to beverage healthy. Aging demographics: Your aging target market could leave brand with less reveal in forthcoming generations. Bad publicity: The worldwide press reports about Red Bull as damaging for wellness.

Red Half truths has large caffeine content material in the beverage, which if used in excess can be dangerous. Moreover all over the world there are tight rules around the products that contains caffeine. Parents also claim that some components can be harmful if consumed by their teens. For example Reddish colored Bull had been banned in Norway for a few years because of the high caffeine content. Substantial marketing costs: Maturity in developed markets makes advertising harder than previously, including higher marketing cost. Red Half truths spends even more then one 1, 3billion $ in marketing per year.

3. 4 Targets

Red Bull has designed a range of products which include Red Half truths Cola in 2008 and Red Bull Energy Photos in 2009 to get to more clients. Today Reddish Bull features annual sales of about 4 billion dollars cans much more than one hundred sixty countries. Reddish colored Bull has a distinctive web marketing strategy. This type seeks constantly progress and develop the brand. The company tries to engage with consumers using new and exciting channels of conversation. In recent years social websites has become a essential marketing tool and its likely to be more important in the future. Its increasing acceptance, predominantly with young people has had a huge impact on contemporary marketing techniques.

Negative publicity

µ Various multimedia worldwide include reported that Red Half truths is dangerous for ones health. French Health Power has gone 1 step further by certainly not approving the Red Half truths product sales in England, believing not necessarily in compliance with the countrys health and foodstuff regulations. Various other media reports have ben targeted towards parents declaring the caffeine levels in Red Half truths can be harmful if used by children/teenagers, who are exactly the goods target audience. Reddish colored Bull has gone to the extremes of looking for scientific proof that it is product is secure for ingestion and produced numerous transactions to suppress the bad attention. µ 04/10/2014

Inability to go forward with the product

Red Half truths is known due to its innovative promoting. The aim of bringing in 15 ” 30 season olds is usually working, nevertheless for how long? Combine this using their large purchase in serious sport situations the question is what is going to be all their next prevent keep on being innovating and attracting.

several. 5 Target Markets

Reddish colored Bull marketplaces to youthful urban guys ranging in age by 15 to 30 years aged. These men live in a constantly thrilling and ambitious lifestyle. That they ” lifestyle on the edge or try and they are usually average build. Red Bull men participate in competitive and severe sports or any type of other kind ofadventurous and recreational activities. Competitive games inside the video game industry are also gravitating towards the products to keep these people alert during tournaments. Reddish Bull specifies the whole of the consumers as Generation Con because they are not only active males but as well active college students who need the energy to study all night long. Red Half truths also have a second target market of older consumers in general starting from 25 to 45 years old.

Whether this can be a business executive finishing an annual project or a truck driver. These male came from every walks of life and financial status. They live in suburban and rural areas and have several levels of education. They all share physical and mental exertion in common and obtaining their adrenaline pumping. There is fairly new category, its called the clubber. Those find out that Red Bull can be used as a very good with alcoholic beverages. In my opinion it truly is almost impossible to get the right concentrate on group, the reason for that is because of the various applications of Red Half truths. A typical Reddish Bull drinker is active and lively and most are males.

5. Positioning

‘ The development of virtually any marketing blend depends on placing, a process that influences potential customers total perception of your brand, products, or a organization general Reddish colored Bull represents a new class of drinks, the energy drinks. The business positioned as a premium/high margin brand. The retail price is much above the products in the competitors, its a premium value product. It is a unique efficient drink. Promising and delivering benefits that no different drink will offer. Compared to the competitors Red Half truths is nearly two times expensive since Monster or perhaps Rockstar. The retail price expresses superiority od Reddish colored Bull and further on it proves that there is no substitute. The positioning policy of Reddish Bull is: premium product, premium selling price and high quality profitability.

a few. Marketing Blend

5. you Product

The normal Red Half truths is dished up in 8 ounces aluminum can. Great their also

offer different sizes and flavours. The can contains a special type compared to a normal can, its thinner and longer (everybody knows the form). The package design and style resembles a silver and blue auto racing flag with two bulls facing each other in the middle while the Reddish colored Bull name treatment rests beneath. Reddish colored Bull applied the new can easily as an innovation achievable and appealing packaging. The can is different and one of a kind from other brands in the market. Reddish Bull is built to improve performance, concentration, response speed and vigilance. It includes taurine, glucuronolactone, naturally occurring anti-oxidants and sugars respectively, that help to detoxify the body. The beverage can help to rejuvenate the body by making use of caffeine and B-group nutritional vitamins which help to boost energy levels and metabolism. Some individuals say Reddish colored Bull tastes like gummy bear coughing syrup, its definitely an acquired flavor. The creator Mateschitz says: ” Reddish Bull isnt a drink, its a way of existence.

5. a couple of Pricing

The typical price to get a 8 ounces can is approximately 1, 99 ” two, 25 dollar in the United States. In other countries the price is actually a bit diverse. Red Half truths has usually followed large pricing plan. Its twice expensive compared to the competitors. But are selling well that Reddish Bull will not participate in the price-off on a regular basis seen in different flooded refreshment industry.

5. 3 Place

Red Bull is given away in almost every supermarket over the world much more than 160 countries. Additionally, it has a lots of sponsoring deals with nightclubs, sport clubs, bars and corporations. The aim is usually finding customers at the right time at the right place in the proper situation. They will focus on locations where an energy improve is needed. Crimson Bull is convinced consumption can be driven simply by situations, not sociodemographics. The entry technique is based on uniqueness, an children if Maslows hierarchy in the event that needs. One example is when Reddish colored Bull arrived at the U. S. that focused its pre-seeding attempts in New York City, where the company was already discussed by the huge European influence. Red Half truths was well stocked in clubs, in which it became the drink of preference.

5. four Promotion

Reddish Bull is definitely the biggest company in the strength drink market. They use a great aggressive strategy to promote their products. All their two primary tools to promote the Reddish Bull items are sponsoring and free of charge sampling. Red Bull frequently gives cost-free drinks to draw new costumers. For example by universities or perhaps sport events because there are most people from the goal group. Reddish colored Bull mail out their sampling girls and boys to offer free Reddish colored Bull. They will drive inside the famous Red Bull vehicles und are employing the Red Bull fridges. Red Half truths also provides sponsorship to get numerous celebrations, social incidents and especially sport events wherever they supply cost-free and reduced Red Bull as a quick energy boost in health and easy chaser intended for alcoholic beverages.

6. Conclusions and Recommendation

The marketing strategy of Crimson Bull can be viewed as one of the many successful 1 over the years. The central part in all marketing activities of Red Half truths was recruiting leading sports athletes of extreme athletics and personalisation refrigerated revenue units to complete their particular marketing strategy. Nevertheless , in my opinion Red Bull must change or extend the marketing strategy to compete with various other energy drink brands. In the current harsh competition market there are countless different strength drinks obtainable. Its likely to be hard pertaining to Red Half truths to stay since the highly recommended energy drink for the costumers. Therefore I think it is time to advertise even more in general public to response a bigger concentrate on group. Additionally, they could use tools like billboards, banner advertising or posters to maximize the contact with consumers. I know they are really still doing it, but mostly on sport events. Furthermore Red Half truths can boost advertises around the Internet. At present most of the people are utilizing the Internet each day and they are spending lots of several hours for browsing in the world wide web. Crimson Bull created some extreme sport free online games and advertise on appropriate websites which can be quite familiar with students and business people in several countries. To sum up Red Bull has a wide range of opportunities to boost their marketing strategy.

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