Representation of ladies during rupture through


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In ‘Train to Pakistan’ Khushwant Singh represents the situations in Mano Majra (a small village of Punjab, Pakistan). Sikh religious beliefs is in majority in this village and Muslim, Hindu and Pseudo-Christian are other religions within this community. They all live happily with brotherhood. However the partition makes violence and horror among the people.

The present study is focused on representation of girls with a feministic approach. Patriarchism is the cultural structure in Mano Majra. The man and woman associations are unequal. The women happen to be hardworking but worksas unpaid labour, based upon men and thus submissive and obedient. To have the external nominal things like bracelets, ear-rings, bracelet, etc . girls gives their particular body tho men in barter. Virginity is rspectable symbol that was used to propagate public violence after partition. In this novel Khushwant Singh will try for union of Muslim and Sikhreligions through love of Nooran and sacrifice of Juggut Singh. This individual portrays Iqubal Singh to nullify guy dominance and women discrimination to some extent.


In ‘Train to Pakistan’ Khushwant Singh describes regarding the small village named Lato Majra. Right here, all the beliefs (Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs) live collectively, happily. You will find only 3 buildings that are performed up of bricks, one of usurer Lala Ram Lal, one among Sikh serenidad and the additional is Mosque. Mano Majra situated on the bank of Sutlej Water in Punjab and there was clearly a railway station in the village. There exists close association between persons, nature, faith and educate. The day in Mano Majra begins with voice crows, bats, Mullah, Sikh clergyman and arrival of snail mail train early in the morning and ends with passing of a goods train in night time. Men performs in the areas and women are in home. The people in this community pray intended for blessings for all Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Pseudo-Christians.

The novel describes the realistic photo of the small town Mano Majra of before and after partition of India and Pakistan. Through this novel Khushwant Singh shows the multiculturalism, political idealism, communal physical violence, pain, stress of rupture, humour, hypocrisy, drunkenness, unfair police, bureaucratic functioning, persuits, love and sacrifice. The societies of different religions were looted, everyone was killed and females and young ladies got raped. Tank (2011) has reported that this can be described as politically dramatic novel presents the barbaric destructions that takes place and total madness of the two nation theory. These countries ruined not only their persons, social relations, morality, financial systems, lands, houses, cattle, administration systems, securities but likewise millions out of place from their homes. Mohammad features critically analysed this new in the lumination of postcolonial theory and compared with ‘Ice Candy Man’ (1988) by Bapsi Sidhwa. He in comparison the Muslim and Sikh women heroes in his novel ‘Train to Pakistan’. People likes that Juggut Singh sacrifices his life so that they can save the lives of migrating Muslims for the sake of love with Nooran. The book reflects the effect of violence as physical torture and psychological. The regular men and women are bewildered and victimised in the partition.

Purohit said that Khushwant Singh imagined the patriarchal representation, victimization of the partition violence and misses females characters in the ‘Train to Pakistan’. Women in this book are engaged in routine menial domestic function, regarded significantly less important, muted, submissive and co-existed. Therefore , the present research is focused upon representation of women in ‘Train to Pakistan’with a feministic approach.


The patriarchy communicates through friends and family structure since an individual gentleman holds power through the organization of fatherhood. The ‘symbolic power’ of fathers present as the essence of patriarchy within culture and unconscious. The foundations of patriarchy are as particular to the father-daughter relationship and complexities between power and gender. Through this novel Khushwant Singh gives the patriarchal family head holds electric power and relationships. The man, Lala Ram is the head of Hindu family members carries almost all kind of capabilities and keep. The women educated to the dacoits:

‘I tell you Lalaji can be not in. He provides taken the keys with them. We now have nothing inside your home. ‘

Subconscious Occurrence of Matriarchy

Iravati Karve investigated that the mother’s relations are prominent in matriarchal world. In this world children lives with mother and there relations will be mother, kids, daughters, brothers and sisters. Therefore , we all feel comfortable with these types of relations and call them in emergency and these are the evidences of matriarchy presence in subconscious. In this new, the women will be calling to dacoits since brothers in order to save from attack.

‘Do not get rid of, brother. With the intention of the Master don’t. ‘

Ladies are Unaggressive and Dependant

In ‘Train to Pakistan’ girls are identified as more passive, obedient and dependant for all kind of actions. While the esteemed and accountable works i. e. Mullah, Sikh Clergyman, Train driver, farming, magistrate, sub inspector, and so forth are given to guys in Somanta Majra. Although, women are busy in the passive and domestic works like food preparation, cleaning, cleansing, rubbing, and so forth The religious power is definitely centred with men just like Meet Singh is Sikh Priest and Imam Baksh is mullah.

Females in Somanta Majra happens to be unpaid just like pick louse from kid’s heads, and also they are very cooperative in mother nature. They failed to get any cash for the works they are doing at homes and also did not get virtually any favour for this. They discussing about their emotional issues like births, relationships and deaths. The features are inculcated right from the childhood. Girls are performs under the trees at less dangerous side as compare to the boys. The boys are grazing cattle and takes on adventurous video games like ride on buffaloes in the pond. Men do not only active, productive and accountable work nevertheless also dacoit and physical violence.

It includes man-woman relationships, way of life, work distribution, sub-conscious mind installation, discriminating strategy, male prominence, etc . Females are co-operative each other in this village. Ladies in this novel are weak, weaker and need protection from someone. Females in Lala Ram Lal, the moneylender’s house calling to villagers for help when dacoits attacked.

The women inside the courtyard heard the cry and started out shrieking, ‘Dacoo! Dacoo! ‘

The dogs barked all round. But not a villager stirred from his house.

But they continue to be helpless only. There is dread, crying, wailing, beating, spitting blood, horror, cruelty, spear, gunshot, puppies barking and village was silenced.

The home works just like cooking, cleaning and washing is done by the Nooran.

Women mistreatment for Revenge (Men)

In ‘Train to Pakistan’ Khushwant Singh imagined many situations and circumstances that describes the vengeance for men by the women abuse. The small town is relaxed and silence with profound horror, fear, cry, wail, spit blood vessels, cruelty and dogs woofing after dacoits attacked about Lala Ram’s house. Dacoits pass on the streets and present open concern to the villagers that they will rape women and women of Mano Majra.

‘Come! ‘ they screamed. ‘Come out, if you have the courage! Appear, if you want your mothers and sisters raped! Come out, courageous men! ‘

Juggut Singh used motherly relations to abuse Mali. The constable report to bass speaker inspector about the women misuse as:

I have never heard such misuse. Mother, sis, and daughter he would not leave a single out.

Again Juggut attack on Mali and beats him rudely about bars. His each cool was combined with women abuse.

‘This to afeitado your mother. This sibling. This child. This is the mother again¦¦. ‘

You will find number of rumours about public violence. Yet , the intention is on women abuse for revenge each other. Mind constable reported that:

‘They had read about ladies having their veils taken off, staying stripped and marched down crowded roadways to be raped in the marketplace. ‘

The people usually talk about revengeful nature of Muslims and purity of Sikh females. They say that the Muslims by no means respect all their women and the Sikh’s ladies jumped in to the well to guard their purity. Khushwant Singh portrays this type of rumours as:

‘And Muslims were hardly ever ones to respect ladies. Those who would not commit committing suicide were displayed naked in the streets, raped in public, and then murdered. ‘

Sikh Priest, Meet Singh speaks angrily in the getting together with to prove the information previously listed is false:

‘What have they done to you? Have they ousted you from the lands or occupied your houses? Have they seduced the womenfolk? Show me, what have they done? ‘

The villagers in Strato Majra stand with Vorbeter Baksh, Mullah. They explained their assurance with pursuing words. The revenge certainly not gets faraway from women misuse.

‘Yes, added one more warmly, all of us first, then you. If anyone raises his eye brows at you we will afeitado his mother. ‘

‘Mother, sister and daughter, ‘ added others.

Therefore, women are thought as items not only to use but also for insult, revenge, and so forth. The women will be listed since the property and goods because land, house, etc . by the Army Representatives. However , anxiety on women is more pointed out in the information. Women abuse is not only taken as the instrument to reduce the world but likewise the revenge. The representatives army as well uses women abuse to irrupt Sikhs against Muslims it is given in the publication as:

No-one should never touch one’s property, one should under no circumstances look at another’s woman. You should just let other folks take their goods and sleep with one’s sisters. The only way individuals like you will appreciate anything is by being directed over to Pakistan: have your sisters and mothers raped in front of you, possess your clothes flourished, and be sent back with a punch and throw on your behinds. ‘

In another description, women are murdered along with men and children and also to that ladies breast include cut off sharply. The breasts have been cut-off to accumulate features of vengeance here. He continually hammered to the people by using the information that contains women insult for revenge as:

‘When the Mussalmans in Pakistan rapes your girls, submit an application for the agreement from their authorities? Do that they apply for permission from their govt when they quit trains and kill everybody, old, small, women and children? You need the government to complete something! That would be amazing! Shabash! Brave! ‘

The army representatives pressures the villagers of Mano Majra to abduct and rape Muslim ladies along with killing.

‘Kill two Mussalmans for every single Hindu or perhaps Sikh they will killed and abduct several for each female they murdered or raped. ‘

Meet up with Singh, a Sikh priest trying to pass on understanding that not to punish south florida innocent people i. elizabeth. women. However happened distinct, women of Mano Majra stand up and put their child on the floor and became a member of to men-folk for the achievements of the endeavor.

Men Assault and Women Stop

In ‘Train to Pakistan’ Khushwant Singh reveals a number of incidences shows males violence and at the same time women happen to be silent. He shows that Juggut Singh works violently with Nooran that shows him more powerful than her and she opposes him silently not for some extent but his control over her body finally submitting herself. She desires for her escape from Juggut Singh.

‘Let me go. Allow me to ¦. ‘

‘She wasn’t able to struggle against Juggut Singh’s brute power. ‘

Juggut Singh is far more conscious regarding his absence in the community troubled while using police instead of Nooran’s shortage in her house during the night. Even in problematic scenario men are usually more conscious for presence of male than the female my spouse and i. e. dacoits treat ill- manner to women nonetheless they destroy the boys forever i. e. Lala Ram’s homicide. Juggut Singh told lie to his mother. It shows that showing lies with women can be not incorrect or sin. It is suitable. But he blames his mother for who will awaken the nearby neighbours. As she is dependent on kid, Juggut to get support and protection, he or she must alive. Juggut behaves badly with mom. But she blames their self and her fate, never to son or husband.

It is my personal lot to weep. My own Kismet, ‘ she added, slapping her forehead, ‘it is all written there.

Even in sexual interaction women will be remain quiet and deal with with the perception of Indian womanhood (Nooran). They are constantly submissive to men while the men will be aggressive for his or her satisfaction.

‘That is all you desire. And you obtain it. You are just a peasant. Usually wanting to your seeds your seedling. Even if the world were likely to hell you would probably want to do that. Even when pistols are getting fired inside the village. Didn’t you? ‘

Men constantly consider females inferior and ignore their particular claims. Juggut denied Nooran’s information.

‘Nobody can be firing any kind of guns. Merely your thoughts, ‘ clarified Juggut Singh wearily, with no looking at her. ‘

That shows man dominance as well as the control over could body.

Further, army officer Sunder Singh shoots his partner with three children (187) to escape via complex of communal physical violence. Hence you will find the handful of examples which shows that the women are always staying considerd in the lower level than the men.

The aristocracy and Purity

Virginity, husband and marriage are fundamental morals of caste/religion based Indian society. They are developed and established to get protection of caste centered hierarchal composition. There are diverse traditions and customs just like Pativrat, Sati, etc . in force. Hukum Chand has indicated the nobility of Indio women as they are wilfully accepts the loss of life rather than odd person’s contact (23-24). In many of the communal violence the purity in the women are considerd as the main reason. Khushwant Singh elaborates few listenings, events and situations to present this issue. Females abduction diminishes their positions. Juggut Singh suggests Bhola that:

‘Bholeya, I heared a lot of women ended uphad been abducted and sold in affordable prices from the tender you could find a wife by yourself. ‘

‘Why, Sardara, if you possibly can find a Mussulmanni without paying for her, am I impotent that I should buy a great abducted woman? ‘ responded Bhola.

The kidnapped women aren’t accepted by simply men. They always anticipated virgins. Nevertheless , Iqbal Singh reported that only few broad minded guys accepted its heyday widows. Abducted women is much away.

Bureaucratic Exploitation of Women

Ladies exploitations by bureaucrats are normal phenomenon around the world have profound roots in socio-political conditions. Supreme authorities in many in the cases workout their electricity for this sort of behaviour. The officer makes their plans on the require of specialists for their service securities. A sub inspector in ‘Train to Pakistan’ arranged a virgin lady, Haseena intended for the magistrate, Hukum Chand for delight in of him. Haseena danced with love song innocently. She anxious to the lustful behaviour from the magistrate, Hukum Chand and keep aside. This woman scolds her head to near Hukum Chand.

‘Go towards the Government, ‘ pleaded the woman. The woman turned rounded obediently and went to the magistrate. Hukum Chand place his provide around her waist.

‘You sing well. ‘

The girl gaped wide-eyed by her buddies.

‘The Government is definitely talking to you. Why don’t you answer him? ‘ scolded this woman. ‘Government, the girl can be young and very shy. She will learn, ‘ she exclaimed. Haseena was pushed forcefully to her fermage for satisfying Hukum Chand. Haseena be a prostitute intended for Hukum Chand day by day.

Women Suffocation

Domestic facilities like personal room to get couple are extremely important to preserve their exclusive life to get better man-woman relationships. These kinds of facilities aren’t enough over the rural regions of the nation. Juggut Singh explains to that:

‘Where is period or place for fun? In summer, everybody sleeps out in the open up and all that can be done is to go away for any little while and get over with things ahead of your relations miss you. In winter, males and females sleep separately. You have to pretend that to answer the call of characteristics at the same time through the night. ‘ (114).

They must adjust to environment and readily available facilities. Yet , women will be more sufferer compared to the men. The women are suffocated in this contemporary society mentally as well as physically.


Khushwant Singh portrays the scenarios of the community named Mano Majra before and after the zone in his book ‘Train to Pakistan’. Strato Majra is known as a small community situated close to border in Punjab. Sikh is a religious beliefs of the greater part in the community. Muslim, Indio and Pseudo-Christian are other religions. All they maintain all their brotherhood and lives gladly. Partition makes communal violence and fear.

Women in Strato Majra happen to be projected in this way of patriarchy. They are even more passive, obedient and dependant for all sort of activities and busy in domestic unpaid works like cooking, washing, washing, scrubbing, etc . They will discussing of their emotional problems like births, marriages and deaths. These kinds of qualities will be inculcated in girls through the early years as a child through their very own play, traditions, traditions, etc . The girls play safe video game under the trees and shrubs.

Man-woman relations happen to be unequal, used and make women fragile, dependent and submissive. Guys use nominal things like bracelets, ear-rings, bracelet, etc . to please females, whereas ladies are given their own body to men in barter. There isn’t only elegance between men-women but likewise within the girls based on faith, colour and occupation. Bureaucrats also make use of the women in their power.

Women weaknesses and patients are given glorious way in the name of nobility. The focal theme of the novel is partition and communal assault. The impacting on characters inside the novel uses the rspectable symbol we. e. females purity to get the distribution of public violence all-around. Women and ladies are victimised for vengeance in public violence. The rumours contain information of spoiled mothers, sisters and daughters. In most these conditions of physical violence promoted and maintained by simply men and women are continue to be silent. Women follow the males.

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