Research of a very old man with tremendous wings

In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Incredibly Old Man with Enormous Wings” and in Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “Gimpel the Fool” psychological data reports how the two main protagonists of the story significantly alter the lives from the people plus the environment surrounding them. However , their endings state otherwise and leaves obscure clues regarding how readers may understand them. However, the reactions of the other personas to the protagonists respective actions speak amounts about human nature.

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In “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, ” the central character, who will be the old person with large wings, was greeted with fear and awe, specifically by Pelayo and Elisenda, who observed him initial.

“They the two looked at the falled physique with silence stupor” (Marquez 705). Their neighbor girl and a few other spectators likewise described him as a great angel who had supernatural capabilities. Others, yet , mocked to make fun of him as he was inside his makeshift home inside the chicken coop.


putting him circumstances to eat through the openings inside the wire as though he were not a supernatural creature although a circus” (Marquez 705) These reactions basically prove that it is being human to fear, revere, or poker fun at something a single does not understand. On the other hand, in “Gimpel the Fool, ” the protagonist, Gimpel, was mainly described as a remarkably gullible person all his life as he believed everything that the people around him said. However , having been also the type of person who keeps his hope in the benefits of others and most of all, God.

“I’m the type that bears it and says nothing. Exactly what is one to do? Shoulders will be from God, burdens too” (Singer 1527). His gullibility cost him nearly his entire pride as he discovered in the end that his children with his wife Elka are certainly not his. Which means to say, since Gimpel was obviously a truly good person by nature, he allowed other people to fool him all the time despite the fact that he recognized in his heart that their very own stories and claims weren’t true. But the story itself vindicates Gimpel when demands the rabbi for guidance.

The rabbi said, “It is written, better to be considered a fool all of your days than for one hour to be bad. You are not a fool. They are the fools” (Singer 1524). Among Gimpel as well as the Old man with enormous wings, it is the ex – who is capable of somehow resolve his complications as in the end he says that “Whatever may be there, it will be real, with out complication, devoid of ridicule, with no deception. Goodness be acknowledged: there even Gimpel cannot be deceived” (Singer 1533).

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