Robert frost s poem the road article

Robert Frost, Fireplace Sweeper, Stanza, Self Dependence

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The very last stanza is a protagonist’s discharge of what he feels the future will hold. He imagines himself relating this day having a sigh to a new, and allowing them to know that when he came to the fork inside the road this individual took the road less visited, and that made all the difference.

We must remember 2 things the author explained, first is it doesn’t story of his good friend, Edward Jones, and second Frost explained this poem as “tricky” (Grimes, 2006). Though the highways are referred to as being for all intents and purposes equal it is obvious they are really not. The first road is “bent in the under growth” while the second can be “grassy, inches “wanted wear” and “the better claim. ” The protagonist required the second road. In other words he took without much work. The protagonist asserts that he would prefer to take both equally roads, and understands he may never have this chance once again. Frost in that case moves the action towards the future the place that the protagonist imagines telling the story with a weighty heart showing how when he arrived at the shell in the highway he had taken “the one particular less visited by. ” This is naturally a self-delusion, a repainting of the previous for home aggrandizement.

On a single level the poem can be seen simply because Frost putting fun by his friend, Edwards, for his indecisiveness on their moves near London and his desire to second guess his choices. Upon another level the poem can be viewed as a reflection of the individual condition. Many people are faced with alternatives every day, and the most of us the actual path of least resistance. Next path may preclude us for next our dreams. Few of all of us when we get older want to admit that individuals didn’t climb that hill or get that prize because the road was too rough and so we embellish the difficulties of the road we did travel in order to keep our self-esteem.

This is a poem about choices. How we choose to lead our lives and just how we choose to remember those options.


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