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This individual honors the sixteen mil “killers” absolving them of their guilt after they “beat on my head. inch Sandburg utilizes several graceful devices to provide the main concept of the the composition. For instance, he uses repetition saying “killing… and killing. ” Likewise, the third stanza also uses repetition, for Sandburg starts off each collection with the term “And. inch The word “always” is also repeated in the last distinctive line of the 5th and the 1st line of the sixth stanzas.

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The poet person also uses first person to underscore his emotional engagement and commitment to the soldiers’ souls. This individual starts the poem with the first person pronoun “I” and later states, “I never forget these people day or night. inches The narrator also declares, “I weep back to all of them. ” The narrator as well notes devotion for their “homes and women, dreams and video games. ” Finally, one phrase in “Killers” proves that Sandburg wrote the poem in honor of World War 1 soldiers: “trenches. ” The narrator claims, “I wake in the night time and smell the trenches. “

The narrator does not focus on him self, however. “Killers” is not really a narcissistic poem. Instead, the narrator enables the soldiers to speak and act for themselves: “They beat on my go get the memory of them, / That they pound on my heart and I cry back in them. inches Diction turns into one of the most effective poetic equipment in “Killers. ” Terms like “beat” and “pound” parallel the brutal theme of war.

Nevertheless , Sandburg as well uses images and devices like metaphor to convey the central idea, the scary of conflict. One of the most important images of “Killers” is how the soldier’s “red drink runs. inches Comparing blood vessels to juice is a cannibalistic symbol, indicating that war is nothing but self-hatred: a dog-eat-dog globe. More refined imagery inside the poem comes with the narrator’s noticing the “smell” with the trenches, which is surely the smell of death offered the narrator’s referring to “Some of them very long sleepers intended for always. inch Sandburg intelligently contrasts this kind of imagery of death together with the morbid imagery of a “dead child. ” Juxtaposing life with fatality, Sandburg challenges how severe wars happen to be and how deeply they impact human existence.

Unlike many war-themed poetry, “Killers” does not glorify fight or the reasons behind fighting. Sandburg comes across like a pacifist in “Killers, ” remembering “the pull of the planet’s heartbreak” the pulls young virile males away from their home and family. The images of slavery and imprisonment used in the first stanza continues to characterize war being a futile work, initiated by men in positions of power with little concern for the well-being with their fellow individuals. As a socialist, Sandburg probably cultivated a few disdain to get the abundant and effective people who take the puppet-strings of war. The poet person also alludes to the “long job” of killing: the insufferable several hours

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