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Pest repellants are important tools intended for prevention of insect-borne disease as well as unpleasant or uncomforatable insect attacks. And on of natural pest repellant is a lemon grass(Cymbopogon Citratus). Determing the effectiveness of lemon grass as insect repellent is the central goal with the study. Specially, it intends to apply the Steam Work Technique in obtainingthe organic elements and essential oil of lemon grass such as citraland citronella. Applying two goodies as declaration, one is with extract of lemon lawn and other is without get of lemon grass.

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In 14 minutes, one particular candy that without citrus grass, way by ants but the sweets with citrus grass is just ignored by ants. The research has found out htat ” lemon ” grass is an efficient and alternative natural insect repellent. The result of the present study presents knowledge and information about citrus grass because insect repellent. In addition , this research will produce significant and relevant info for upcoming studies regarding to insect repellent.



The members of this group wish to extend their sincerest appreciation for the following individuals that helped makes project. These are the people who contributed much pertaining to the success of this endeavor. To God for his gift idea of intelligence and understanding to the members and addressing their prayers in their moments of need. With their Science instructor Mrs. Malazarte for instructing them the basic principles of research and investigatory writing and for showing a lot of patience throught times they tend to loss of hope and patience. For their parent’s and family members, for the unending love and support that they gave towards the members. For the observers for his or her integrity and cooperation. Not only that to the people who have contribute and helped this kind of research specifically to the users would like to lengthen their greatest thanks.



Insect repellents are important public health tools pertaining to the prevention of vector-borne infectious illnesses. Actions to lower vector-borne diseasescan result in key health gains and ease an important constraint on advancement in poor regions. And this insect repellents help to stop and control the outbreaks of insect-borne disease including malaria, lyme disease, melindre fever, and bubonic plague(Wikipedia, 2011). Formally, an insect-repellent is any chemicalor all-natural, that causes insect or various other arthropods for making directed, focused movements away from the source of resilient. And citrus grass can use as all-natural insect repellent(Helmenstine, 2011). In respect to an actual new technology bio, lemon grass is an extremely popularand employed for medical, meals and insect-repellent products. the lemon lawn oild are being used in makeup products, soaps, fragrances, dyes and odorizes along with 1000s of other items.

In the Thailand, it has a community named known as “Tanglad. Various repellent items pertaining substance coumpound just like DEET(N, N-Diethylmeta-toluamide)used as active chemical ingredient in insect repellent, are now use all natural ingredients as more and more unfavorable data is usually released. Citrus grass is very safe and is also listed on the EPA’s GRAS list(generally regarded as safe). People across the world have come to relyon the potant insect repellent real estate of citrus grass and utilize it because personal and area squirt.


A. Each of our general objective:

The general objective of the study is to determine the potency of lemon grass as natural insect repellent.

M. Specific Targets:

1 . To get the time(minutes)using stop watch to see the time and life long the effectiveness of ” lemon ” grass. 2 . To observe the efficiency of ” lemon ” grass employing two sweets, one chocolate is cared for with citrus grass and other candy devoid of lemon grass. C. ASSERTION OF TROUBLE

This research was executed to answer the question/problem:

Will draw out of citrus grass is usually an effectiveway of organic insect repellent?


In the event lemon lawn will be removed its natural components, and observe that applying the lemon lawn over a subject matter that can very easily approach by simply insect, in that case if it get rid of the pest away, you should be a highly effective natural insect-repellent.


The study will probably be conducted to look for the effectiveness of lemon grass as all-natural insect repellent. Extraction of ” lemon ” grass is through Vapor Distillation Approach. The children is going to benefit the most because knowledge of insect repellent can enable them to prevent possible disease. Through this examine, the knowledge of parents regarding lemon grass since insect repellent will be increases and prevention could be done to prevent more serious problems for their little one’s health.


Primary of this research is to decide the effectiveness of ” lemon ” grass while insect repellent. Looking into the overall performance of these will be describe by simply observation of two sweets. One sweets will be remedied lemon lawn and one other candy is usually without citrus grass. The research is performed during Christmas holiday. The data utilized in the research is definitely gathered through observation and Steam Work Technique.


1 . Stainless pot with an integral strainer

2 . Curve weed cover

3. Metal or metallic glass receiving vessel

4. Blade

five. 20pcs. of lemon turf


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