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Women Voters in the 2016 Elections

As regards the 2016 presidential election and could role in this critical campaign, it should be realized that based on the most recent U. S. Census Bureau (2014), there are 162 million females and 157 million guys. And during the very last national selection 43% of female citizens over 18 voted when 40. 8% of men over 18 voted. It is not rocket scientific research to discover that ladies vote more consistently than men perform. When it comes to girls voters, the greatest story this whole president election circuit involves Hillary Clinton, yet another big election tale hitting the airwaves and on the front pages of newspapers is a high percentage of women whom do not such as the Republican frontrunner, Donald Overcome. This paper will emphasize the advantages and disadvantages for women voters, how polls show can certainly preferences and the future of ladies voters. Plainly women can be a very big part of the political process, and women are having an enormous impact on the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton – The best Story for Women in 2016

Meantime, the most recent Monmouth vote shows Clinton leading Senator Bernie Sanders 52-39 in Pennsylvania; the Quinnipiac Election shows Clinton over Sanders 51-42 in Connecticut; plus the Gravis Poll has Clinton over Sanders 45-38 in California. Those states are the next remain in this 2016 presidential main race, along with Clinton defeated Sanders in New York Point out Tuesday night time April nineteen (57. 9% to forty two. 1%) the exit polls showed that while Sanders received “comfortably with under-40s and white men, Clinton was ahead with older voters, women, and black and Latino supporters” (Roberts, et approach., 2016).

Commentators and other observers predict that women and Latinos are very probably be the choosing factors in this year’s president race, and regarding girls, according to the article inside the Washington Content, women have demostrated in the recent past that they can exercise their particular right of citizenship (voting) more than males do. Initially, women handle government “… in their day-to-day lives much more than men do”; and women are definitely more dependent on “safety-net services such since food plastic stamps and daycare subsidies than men are” (Rampell, 2014).

For women that are not in the low income category, they even now are “more likely than men to become primary caregivers, ” and that means girls as a rule hang out with “teachers, eldercare workers, health-care providers and also other folks who are engaged, reimbursed or perhaps tightly regulated by the government” (Rampell, p. 1).

The benefits for Women Voters in 2016

One benefits for women voters in the 2016 presidential principal campaign amounts to a large positive for the reason that media is definitely paying such close focus on women’s attitudes, women’s concerns, and women’s preferences. For instance , the Gallup Poll in April, 2016, points to the very fact that above 70% of women nationwide having an “unfavorable” view of Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump. It is uncovering as to ladies impact on polls that

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