Sociological Group Matrix Essay

Schaefer (2011) defines a group since “any number of people with similar norms, values, and objectives who connect to one another on a regular basis” (p.

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111). Complete the Social Group Matrix by figuring out and conveying the relationship among yourself as well as the members of any cultural group you are a component to. Group description Identify the group. My spouse and i honestly a new tough time actually thinking of a “Social Group” that I participate in because when you think of it you tend to think of the standard well known groupings.

Living in these kinds of a small city there are few formally structured Social Groupings outside of Cathedral, work and politics. Within my personal existence I tend to place myself up in my family and have got very little outdoors influences and interaction. Nevertheless , many of the main oil corporations I work for have Protection Committees that collaborate on a monthly basis. The group I have picked for this exercise is the Freeport McMoRan Petrol & Gas New Building Safety Panel.

Social group or organization Describe the function of the social group.  Our selection of about 50 people collects on the initially Friday of every month for a luncheon and collaboration. Through the previous month we will meet up in groups of 1-3 and type in the construction field to observe deck hands working. We look at the basics of paperwork, personal protective equipment, how they use equipment and other possibly hazardous scenarios.

If we perform happen to find a crew that is working in an unsafe manner we will then trainer the crew on how to the actual task within a safer approach. If it is a situation that can literally harm the welfare of these involved we all will stop the crew quickly and associated with proper corrections. After that we all will file our conclusions on a Security Observation Tips Card and the analyst will certainly enter all the data in the CAMs repository. Authority and hierarchy Describe authority and hierarchical patterns within the group. Within the group there is no real leader per say because we are just a group which includes the same objective, but merely different ways of getting there.

Freeport McMoRan certainly large petrol, gas water piping and gold mining firm that is cracked out into many different industries and areas. The gas and oil is individual from the copper and rare metal side. Inside oil and gas there is on shoreline production and drilling, after that off shore drilling. There after we are broken out into countries and states.

Our committee may be the California San Joaquin Area New Construction group. We have a top security rep in our home Bakersfield workplace that is the top representative for California. This individual usually simply sits as well as doesn’t get in the way or mentor us means handle scenarios.

Under him there are reduced field safety representatives, Employees and Development Foreman. Hardly any of our people are consulting contractors that act as tourists. If you run into a problem typical is to contact your immediate Manager or the at-risk parties Boss. The only regulation we perform live by is that do not report a problem without initially notifying that crews Boss first.

We certainly have found that not doing this triggers conflict and competition amongst groups and crews. Social patterns Explain social habits you might find in the group, and explain their very own social relevance. We look for social habits most inside our committee since we use our data to perform “behavioral based studies”. We look at the most at risk manners, like not wearing gloves while functioning, and try to response why they are really doing this. We look at the numbers to determine if we need to check out our company plans to help prevent any long term incidents.

This is inline with Sociology since we are inspecting the behaviors of those around us. Conflicts Describe any kind of conflicts within the group. A large number of conflicts appear every time we all meet along with instances in between each of our formal meetings. In the safety field all of us have a different view of the right way to take care of a situation.

When preparing to construct a job our safety committee is usually divided into three groups, older people, younger persons and those whom don’t attention. We all can easily agree that we get to get from point a to level b since safely as it can be. The old men and women from the crew tend to have confused lines upon what is secure and what isn’t. They are going to try to minimize corners and push restrictions that were certainly not there many years ago.

Younger group is very black and white about the situation. You are possibly following the safety rules and regulations or else you are not. Obviously the last group doesn’t care one way or maybe the other. They often side so randomly it is hard to predict. Role of dialect Explain the role of language, and describe the constituents of non-verbal communication inside the group.

We all use non-verbal communication the most because all of us usually stand back and simply observe people as they job. Many of the discipline crews tend to get intimidated by the observations crews becoming on internet site. We have discover how to watch people movements in an attempt to stop and incident before it arises.

We observe the staff body movement and the proceedings around them that they may not find themselves. If perhaps something is not on track we will likely then verbally speak those risks with the crew to keep them safe. Symbols meaningful to group Identify and make clear symbols which have been meaningful towards the group. Our group as being a safety group we indicate with standard construction structured safety symptoms.

Such as harmful warnings and labels that help us know what could cause us and those around us harm. The hardhat and PPE logo is a big one for all of us because this is exactly what we wear everyday. We all cannot get out of our vehicles without this kind of clothing. The identification trademarks must be obvious to all others so they know our company is wearing out personal protective equipment. There are so many several signs and symbols which have been everywhere in the oil fields.

Norms, sanctions, and values Describe the norms, sanctions, and values from the social group. The biggest sanctions that govern our group, and any other group want it nation wide, is definitely OSHA. They set the standards in which all companies and industries must abide by. It is said how long we can work, the protective safety measures we have to take, and every different little regulating measure possible. If an incident does happen that will need us to report to OSHA they will come in to help access the damage and solutions.

Specific infractions, specifically environmental complications, carry a monetary excellent that the company must pay out. Status inside group Explain what position you hold inside the group. In our group I am the youngest and one of three women. I am the facilitator and data expert. I have been in the group for 2 years today and don’t quite hold and pecking order status.

However , I do assist in all of our group meetings and assign further follow up to those who are able to handle the tougher situations. Even though I actually am most recent to the group I feel that I use respect among my peers and fellow workers. If a somebody is looking for answers they will more than likely ask myself because if I don’t instantly know the solution or option, I will know who will and will. Social role within group Describe the social functions you carry out in the group.

As your data analyst We am in control of preparing and distributing the findings. I take advantage of these amounts to put together protection flyers and bulletins that get allocated to the field crews. All of us like to receive these to the field to communicate what we should are finding that can be hazardous to them. We also aid all excursions and luncheons for our group.

We get to timetable lunch and times basically best for the group as a whole. Sociological point of view Suggest which usually major sociological, theoretical point of view would be most suitable for upcoming study of your social group. Why? All of us already make use of a theoretical perspective per declare with what we call a “5 Y”.

We get a compact core number of the panel together every quarter to discuss the biggest problem in the field. Put into effect a problem just like not putting on gloves and inquire the; who also, what, the moment, where and why. That is having the issue?

Does it usually trend in some situations only? We maintain asking the same questions again and again until we all can’t answer it which has a fresh response. We accomplish this to learn from your own errors and help long term generations.

Reference Schaefer, R. T. (2011). Sociology: A short introduction (9th ed. ). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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