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In the story Tangerine simply by Edward Bloor, Paul built many choices, both good and bad, and many of the time Paul’s choices finished with adverse results. By way of example during the accolades ceremony intended for the Pond Windsor Lows high school sports team, Medida and Victor beat up Erik (Erik is definitely Paul’s older brother) and Arthur Bauer ( Erik’s best friend). Right when Arthur and Erik received beat up, the football crew and the soccer coaches tried to catch Medida and Victor and when that happened Paul jumped over a coach to help these groups get away.

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When Paul attacked the coach having been later expelled from Tangerine Middle College. Also when Paul was hiding underneath the bleachers once Luis Cruz confronted Erik and Arthur, Paul didn’t speak up and stop the fight prior to it commenced and the combat caused an aneurism which ultimately wiped out Luis Johnson. After Luis Cruz perished Paul felt guilty as they knew he could’ve avoided his fatality.

Paul has also produced good choices that had great outcomes. A good choice Paul made was playing sports for Tangerine Middle University.

It affected Paul because he made various friends on the soccer team. Another good choice was standing up to his big brother Erik. Every one of Paul’s life he had been scared of his brother but since the new progressed, Paul’s courage started to build. Near to the end in the novel Paul realized Erik and Arthur were duds and that only their own selections would only affect them. Paul finally stood up to them which made Erik and Arthur realize that Paul wasn’t afraid. One significant choice Paul made was when he was standing up to Erik and Arthur. It happened the moment Arthur and Erik were saying, “You’re going to pay money for what happened tonight (Page 261), and Arthur kept repeating whatever Erik said and Paul got fed up and said, inch Come on Erik let’s find out if you can do any better with me you did with Tino(Page261).

From then on Paul said you wiped out Luis Cruz and Erik got furious slammed the baseball bat on the ground, and hit Arthur’s car. Paul made the decision because he realized Arthur and Erik had been just thugs who served like difficult guys and this Paul was just fed up of them operating like that and so he received fed up with all their act and stood about them to demonstrate to them he had not been scared of these people anymore.

One more significant decision made by Paul was this individual demanded he get to go to Tangerine Central School. He made the choice when ever his family members was at a mass conference after a sinkhole destroyed Lake Windsor Downs Middle School. Pauldemanded he got to go to Tangerine Middle School and play for soccer team. Paul made his mom feel guilty if he said, “Mom, you wrecked my life at Lake Windsor Middle at the time you turned in that IEP.

This really is your probability to un-ruin it. (Pg. 94) Paul felt that he well deserved to obtain his method because of the IEP he was started off the Lake Windsor team. His father and mother discussed it and finally decided to let Paul have what he needed and he got to go to Tangerine Midsection School thus he could play on their soccer team. Paul’s reaction to the decision being made was he believed that the heavens had opened up for him because he finally got what he wanted.

A positive decision Paul manufactured was he decided to assist in saving the Cruceta family’s trees during the big freeze. The decision was made since Paul planned to help the Johnson family mainly because they were his friends. Paul had injure his a friendly relationship with Acierto Cruz having a previous choice that ended in Tino getting in trouble. When he offered to support, Tino’s sibling asked Paul why having been helping. Paul said, “Because we’re all Conflict Eagles, talking about his and Tinos’ team. (Page218) That affected Paul by fixing his companionship with Tino.

Paul manufactured many choices through the novel, some choices had been good and a few were bad, but in either case every choice had some kind of effect on Paul. If Paul had chosen to step in once Luis was about to fight Erik, Luis wouldn’t include died. Paul did mean well but he just failed to have the courage to do the right thing. Paul has made many selections throughout the book. Paul grown up throughout the novel and learned from his choices and gained valor.

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