Teen pregnancy cases in the thailand essay

I. Advantages:

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Teenage motherhood is one of the main factors that affect populace growth inside the Philippines. It truly is considered as one of the major problems of the government is facing more recently. According to the Federal government statistics documents, teenage being pregnant cases rise up to 70% over a decade only. These kinds of alarming instances caught the attention of several lawmakers. The very best example solution that the federal government made this yr was the passage of RH Bill or perhaps the Reproductive Overall health Bill. This bill aims to free access of use of contraceptives, male fertility control, lovemaking education, and maternal proper care.

The government conceptualized this while the solution to the problem. Others may see it as beneficial but others also contradicts it. Teen pregnancy is definitely continue developing and really affects our economic status.

2. Objectives:

This concept paper should discuss the consequence of rising early pregnancy circumstances and how this affects each of our economy. This will discuss several cases of adolescent moms and what kind of existence do they have because teenage father and mother.

III. Opportunity and Display of Data


This can be a latest record data furnished by the National Statistic Office (NSO) released last August 19, 2011. It displays here that the population of teenage mothers was improved by 70 percent from 99 to 2009 period simply.

1999 ” 114, 205

2000 ” 126, 025

2009 ” 195, 662

Studies show that in 2009, total live births reached to at least one. 745 mil, which breakdown to a daily average of 4, 782 births and 478 of mothers the birth were young adults. From the study conducted by the Young Adults Virility Survey (YAFS), 16% in the women the aging process 15-24 years of age have had premarital sex as well as the average age for the females who had their 1st sexual encounter is 18.

It reveals here that teenage pregnancy happens mainly in the poor families out-do rich families.

IV. Concept:

Philippines is a third maximum rate of early teen pregnancy amongst youths maturing 15-19 years of age compared to the neighboring countries. Teenage mothers have tiny information and experiences in comparison to matured types. Mostly, young parents have less capacity to raise a household because they will lack of education and hardly provide standard necessity for their family. With these causes, growth in poverty circumstances also increases. These factors affect our economy.

V. Analysis

With today’s alarming sudden growth of population, each of our economy is really affected by this kind of factor. The federal government has to get ways in order to sustain the needs pertaining to everyday living of every individual. Inhabitants growth can cause the economic problems mentioning the shortage of solutions.

With the test cases mentioned above, it just show that having a family at an early age just like teenage can cause poverty. In respect to some surveys teenage father and mother came from poor families, that when they began their friends and family at an early age, there’s no doubt for them to have a poor or even worse relatives condition than they have skilled. Mostly of the teenage father and mother did not head to college or maybe finished secondary school. With these kinds of educational achievement, it will be very difficult for them to find a good job that will offer a great salary. Many teenage father and mother can be seen in squatters area, some living with their particular parents, other folks renting a tiny room and really find it hard to make their life better or away of poverty.

What are what causes teenage motherhood? Causes of teen pregnancy happen to be occuring as a result of following reasons according toFox(2008):

Consequence of raging human hormones. Most teenagers experience abrupt and hitherto unknown emotions and thoughts during their early on puberty. All this, coupled with extreme sense of new-found freedom and sexuality, results in quite a few giving vent out to their feelings through sex expressions and experiences. Naturally , most countries stress in sex education in colleges, but yet, some teenagers entail themselves in unsafe love-making, which could cause unwanted pregnancies.

Peer pressure. A lot of teenagers indulge in early intimate behavior due to peer pressure. This is due to the reality they feel the great have to be ‘hip’ and ‘accepted’ by way of a circle of friends. The only way they may probably achieve that would be with a partner or girl or at least by dating and indulging in sexual acts often.

Birth control method Failure. Although there are many types and designs of contraceptives and emergency contraception pills easily obtainable in the market, they are never a guarantee for total safety. Only Mother Nature is aware of when the lady might want to enter into action, thus no kind of birth control will likely be completely certain! (Fox, September 18, 2008).

Other reasons for teenage pregnant state are:

1 . Insufficient parental direction.

installment payments on your Inadequate know-how about safe love-making.

three or more. Exploitation by simply older men.

4. Compa?ero economic factors.

5. Glamorization of pregnancy.

6. Adolescent drinking.

7. Lovemaking abuse or rape.

8. Sporadic use of contraceptive.

on the lookout for. Abstinence ” only sexual intercourse education.

10. Psychological factors. (Fox, July 18, 2008)

After the causes and what will be the result of having rapid growth of adolescent pregnancy circumstances in our economic system? Well certainly if young pregnancy instances increases, it just symbolizes more teenagers are generally not finishing their school and do not continue to school, which leads to increase of unemployment, that could lead to embrace poverty. If perhaps more teens are engaging to such kind of your life, they cannot able to support their own family because of lacking of knowledge and skills to make them meet the necessary income to raise their family. Because of these, the government will dedicate lots of money to aid them. Instead of spending that to additional projects that may increase our economic position it will be provided for them. And an increase in early on pregnancy can results in rapid growth of human population that might have a scarcity with the resources.

How can we prevent it? Prevention? All of it depends on the way the child is definitely reared. Environmental surroundings she is confronted with. The lifestyle she spent my youth in.


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