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‘The Wife of Bath Prologue’ and ‘The Wife of Bath Tale’ is an important part of the “Canterbury Tales fréquentation. In these performs, Chaucer describes social and moral complications, ridicules phony values and depicts the role of ladies in the Middle Ages. This is an exclusive part of the “Canterbury Tales by which Chaucer portrays events through woman’s eyes and a lady storyteller. Thesis The main difference between the Début and Experience is the main theme and a form of storytelling.

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‘The Better half of Bathtub Prologue’ and ‘The Wife of Shower Tale’ are based on different themes and relevant questions. The Prologue covers marriage and the relations among men and women, virginity, sexual relationships, human knowledge, etc . The wife says: “The dart is set up to get birginitee (line 75). As opposed, the Tale identifies hardship and grievances caused by low position of women in the society and inequality with men. In both parts, the Better half of Bath describes her strong psychological experience atypical for women of her famous period.

Her sexual experience, emotions and internal states will be strong, and mirrored in the texts. The lady rises previously mentioned both in the rejection of her aged, crippled, unsettling husbands in addition to the strength of her passion for a man. The losing desire to fresh sexual contact creates the feeling of physical dissatisfaction and necessity for new emotional thoughts atypical for women of her time. Her actions usually do not correlate to the women of her time, because Christianity and house of worship was a strong force which dictated cultural norms and social order, values and commandments to women. In Prologue, Chaucer criticizes the role and impact of church in social existence using Biblical citations.

The other difference is that the Début is based on the central personality, the Wife of Shower, while the Story is based on great character of the rapist. The first person story helps to make a unique atmosphere and a message of the Prologue directly responding to a target audience. In agreement, the Tale displays morals of wives and their desire to have committed husbands asking “This is always to seye, what wommen appreciate moost (line 985). The story is based on symbolic and philosophical representation in the theme of matrimony while the Prologue describes real-life examples and human connection with the Better half of Shower.

The main character, the better half, does not squeeze into her time described as edgy and 3rd party women. This wounderful woman has traveled a lot and has great knowledge in love and offers intimate associations with men. The Wife of Bath has committed five men challenging Christian morality and norms. The Wife with the Bath has had five husbands: three “good and two “bad husbands. Using personal experience, the wife underlines that balance of electricity between spouses helps to control over marital relationship. Through the Middle Ages, the women had not any right to select their partners because their destiny depended upon can of their dads and cultural status of their families.

In the Prologue, the topic concerns the role of women and men in marital life and dominance of males upon women while the Story illustrates the themes inhibited in the Prologue: “That wol nat end up being governed by hir wyves (line 1262). The Wife opposes highly to any tension on her personality trying to continue to keep and preserve her ideals and values. Her actions do not correlate to the women of her time mainly because religion limited sexual desires of the females, in spite of the truth that chapel and Christianity were utilized to defense and legitimatize the institution of marriage. Christianity was used to keep up defense of domesticity plus the role of ladies as mother and wives or girlfriends only.

In sum, this is a time of chaos and great change which left people with a sense of disillusionment. It will be possible to say that in the Début, Chaucer prepares a ground for further tale development and symbolically illustrates these concepts and topics in the Adventure. This operate is full of feminist ideas speaking about rights of ladies and their joy. Chaucer relocated beyond traditional roles of ladies portraying all of them as loving and lovemaking characters in a position to fight against male prominence.


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