The Flow of K-12 Program in School Levels Essay

The change of your social lives needs a standard of teaching that could go with us. the E to doze education product is a new educational program in the Philippines that may be originated in U. S. A, and this program covers kindergarten and more than a decade of fundamental education that may be composed of half a dozen years in elementary, half a dozen years in high school that may be also consists of four years in junior high and two years in senior high school which will provide a sufficient time for mastery of ideas and expertise.

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The flow of K-12 program in institution levels develops students for the lifelong learning for they already are sharpened in kindergarten, fundamental, and in secondary school. First of all, a kid starts his or her education in kindergarten when justin was five and he/she has a time to slip a formal education. In Pre-school, the issues of the children are usually the alphabet, the numbers, different shapes, and different colors.

They are going to learn their particular topic through different games, songs, and dances utilizing their Mother Tongue terminology so that the kid is ready when they goes to major education and learning Native language is also important because it will help the students to simply learn Filipino and English language. After pre-school, a child goes in the elementary level plus the child begins on level one, and then grade two, and 3. The subjects with the students usually are the native language language, English, math, Philippine, history, ideals, MAPEH(music, skill, PE, and health), and Science but science will never be introduce in grade you and 2 . Starting from class four approximately grade six, the mother tongue will no longer always be tackled.

English language, math, Philippine, history, ideals, science, MAPEH, and EPP (Educasiyon ng Pantahan in Panlipunan) are the subjects that is to be introduce for the students yet EPP will be tackled in grade half a dozen and will be replaced by TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education). After graduation in fundamental level, the scholars will go in junior secondary school and they will come from grade 7 up to quality 10. The subjects of pupils in jr high school are the same when they are in elementary however the subjects are definitely more challenging. Following 2 years in junior excessive, the students should go to mature high.

Senior High School or the class eleventh and twelfth can be described as two years of specialization from the upper secondary education. In this level, students are allowed to choose a specialization based their very own aptitude, hobbies, and university capacity. In this level, the scholars will select which profession track they will get. Every single student in Senior High School can choose among the 3 tracks that are; Academic; Technical-Vocational-Livelihood; and Sporting activities and Artistry. The Academic trail includes three ways that are Business, Accountancy, Management (BAM); Humanities, Education, Sociable Sciences (HESS); and Scientific research, Technology, Architectural, Mathematics (STEM).

The new education program generally known as k-12 much more organized than the old one which we had in fact it is a global standard of education for it was tried far away and was effective to work with; so it is essential to us to assist our authorities on the program for us also to increase from a decreased standard curriculum rather than to always confront on it so that it is easy so they can do the job. The students of the older curriculum vs the students of k-12 program The change of our sociable lives requires a standard training that can go along with us.

The curriculum (2002 Basic Education Curriculum BEC Reform) protects 1 year kindergarten, 6 years in elementary, and 4 years in high school graduation while the K-12 program includes kindergarten, six years in general, six years in high school that is also composed of four years in junior large and 2 years in senior high school. The students in the old subjects and students of k-12 vary such as in job employing, ranking, and competitiveness. In job selecting, there are information saying that you will find Filipinos underneath the old subjects who work abroad that could not apply his/her done program as though he/she graduated as a doctor and he/she works to clean the kitchen appliances in medicine for the reason that their particular education is usually lock pertaining to 2 years.

This problem will be resolved with the help of k-12, for the k-12 program is a universe standard subjects for there are plenty of countries apply it. According in the article of De Leon (2012), inside the 2010-2011 Global Competitiveness Report in the 9 Southeast Asian nations in matter of education and innovation, showed that our country positioned poor. This kind of ranking demonstrated that our outdated curriculum provides issues that must be solved as well as the changes are actually needed for the improvement of our quality education. Thus, the k-12 program is definitely the solution for this is more decongested and centered because learners will have more hours in learning core areas.

In k-12 plan, students are able to be more competitive for they receive sufficient coming back mastery of concepts and skills for the reason that students are allowed to choose if they reach senior high school. The students is going to choose their very own specialization structured their understanding, interests, and school ability unlike inside our old curriculum. K-12 education system will help to aid each of our country’s top quality education to produce participants that are very well thought and well trained for doing it was tried out in other countries and was powerful to use.

So we have to support our federal government on the program for people also to increase rather than often contradicting into it; so that it is simple for them to complete the task. The Effects of a bad Education The K-12 can help to uplift poor people education which will also lead to uplift the economy. Poor education is one of the main problems near your vicinity for our economy is affected on it.

The consequence of poor education in the country lead to 3 poor outcomes including incompetence of students, unemployed graduates, and poor economic climate. One of the effects of our poor education in the area is that the incompetence of a college student to other countries that has a quality of education. The Nine Southeast Asian Region in the area of education and development showed us the type of quality education there were.

The result of this ranking confirmed that our top quality of education is poor for each of our rank is definitely on the seventh place out from the 9 countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Asia and Vietnam got the top 6 plus the Columbia and Laos acquired the 9th and ninth. Unemployed graduates, one of the reasons why our teachers can’t conduct their completed course is they are lock in two years of education as opposed on the top quality of education that most countries had which is k-12 which is the world standard of quality education today.

Another reason so why graduates not really be chosen is the inefficiencies; it led companies never to hire a merchandise of a university or a nation due to the poor education that they can had and their performance in a academic tournaments for companies wants ensure that the person which they will hire is match on the job for this is within this person which they will supply the trust for the future of their company. Another a result of a poor education is the poor economy, inefficiencies and lack of employment is the two main triggers resulting to an undesirable economy for if we are incompetent then there are simply no investors that will come to invest in our nation, if you will find no buyers that will get the country after that there will be no longer opportunities intended for the people that may result to joblessness, and unemployment will lead to poor economic climate for people could possibly get less income because the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is usually one that helps a community to progress.

Developing the training in the country may improve the economic climate of the Philippines for in case the quality education in the country will improve then even more investors will certainly hire Filipinos and will possess a turn to their capacities if they see that they are really competitive pertaining to investors always wanted a competitive worker that they can trust intended for the benefits of their very own company. This helps the economy of the country pertaining to if you will find more shareholders then there may be more work to arrive and if you will find more operate then it can easily lessen unemployment in the country. For what reason We Need to Support K-12 Program? In order for a program to be successful in a community then it needs the support in the people.

The K to 12 education system is originated from U. S i9000. A, which program includes kindergarten and 12 years of basic education that is composed of six years in fundamental, six years in high school graduation that is composed of four years junior large and couple of years in elderly high that could provide a satisfactory time for competence of principles and skills. The k-12 program can be proposed to make the quality education of Philippine students and graduates that needs to be supported by persons in several reasons that is life-long learning for the scholars, occupation in abroad, and youth unemployment rate. According to DepEd, K-12 education also builds up students for a lifelong learning, and prepares graduates for tertiary education, work, and entrepreneur graduates.

The goal of the two years of senior high school is always to provide time for the students to make stronger their particular specializations. This curriculum should fully improve and develop Filipino college students in order for them to always be well-prepared specially in emotional and in mental factors for they will be able to face the pressures that could come on their very own future jobs. We all knew that Philippines is the major export of OFW’s and there are instances that Filipino’s required to continue their very own education abroad in order to get the profession that they wanted because they are lock in 2 years of education in high school that they get rejected.

By making use of K-12 program, the justness will be accomplished that Filipinos can also become foreign college students or employees abroad which might be also a similar in other countries if they work here in our nation. During the older curriculum the wage of foreign personnel here in addition to other countries is higher than us because they have a advanced schooling. It will be right now the same mainly because our program (k-12) is actually a global standard of education today.

According to the World Bank’s survey, the nation had a maximum rate of youth unemployment. One of the main targets of K-12 is to reduce the rate of youth lack of employment. K-12 software will give the quality of education and it will also match on the global standards of education. The effect of this program may decrease unemployment rate and there would be various opportunities to get Filipino students or teachers for if we had a quality of education then more employers is going to hire our graduates.

K-12 education system will help to increase our country’s quality education to be able to develop graduates that are well thought and well-behaved for it was tried far away and was effective to use so we need to support each of our government televised on the series for us also to rise rather than to confront on it; in order that it is easy for them to do the job.

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