Ways to Identify an Opportunity Essay

Exactly what the three strategies to identify the opportunity?

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Give two real world good examples for each. To begin with, the opportunity can be described as set of circumstances with unclear outcome to produce new business, products or services. The Three ways of identifying a chance: 1- Seeing Trends: For example , now a days people become more anxiety about health, wellbeing and fitness.

Delta Advertising Co. will take an advantage of the opportunity and opened Delta Fitness Specialist in Yanbu city. They will provided a training programs in Aerobics, Martial arts, swimming, dancing for men and women. And it been successful. Another case, lately corporations like NIKE, Adidas while others have launched a power equilibrium bracelets and watches that has been founded simply by an sportsmen.

This electric power balance pendant designed to assist the body`s natural energy field that increases the capability to tap into the body’s strength to improve harmony, strength and adaptability. One more model is that in Saudi Arabia it will have a secret of forcing kids to join a preliminary school before entering the primary institution. This will call and make an opportunity to open up more primary schools and to make a ebooks for this level. 2- Solving a Problem: Ahead of many years, persons faced problems in saving their money, platinum, important paperwork from getting lost or stolen. After that, banks arrived at solve all of these problems.

Anyone can just have an account in the bank just to save his precious belongings. One more example is the refrigerator, persons was experiencing rotting foods and not having cold water in summertime at all. 3- Finding a Gap in the Marketplace: Sport club designed for disabled persons.

Another model, Lefty’s shop in USA, it generates products and several tools specially for the left-handed persons.

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