The impact and dangers of typhoon irene


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Storm Irene took place between the several weeks of September and Sept. 2010 2011. At first, it started as a warm wave in the tropical Atlantic Ocean. It spread as light wind flow shear and warm water sometime later it was gained focused as joined the inland. Its results were intensely felt in New York and North Carolina. Inside the New York, their effects had been second to those felt 39 years ago, during Typhoon Agnes. The damages knowledgeable were as a result of flooding, heavy rainfall, and storm spike. The essential systems damaged included electrical power systems of electric grids, connections, air transfer, and wash out highways (Yoon and Raymond, 2012). This pear seeks to assess the impacts of Hurricane Irene, logistics and transportation issues, and make evaluations with Hurricane Sandy.

Effects of the Hurricane

In the onset of Storm Irene, it is effects could hardly be forecasted. When it come to the away from the coast, New York City, the impacts had been more intense in the lowland region. In accordance to Shinn (2013), highways were swept, and water transport was impossible since the storms had been accompanied by ocean that managed to get impossible for water travel using little boats. Some subway devices and the highway tunnels were swept while others were merely blocked and therefore impassable. The trapped individuals in the lowland areas had a difficult time escaping the massive amounts, and some succumbed to the massive amounts and drowned. Moreover, the destruction of power lines led to blackouts in several areas, and most electric power dependent functions came to a halt. The cabbage collection centers and treatment plants were confused, and their contamination of water was extreme. There was anxiety about a breakout of waterborne diseases. To get the safety in the people and reduction of casualties, a well-organized transfer response staff was of value at the stage when the affects of the typhoon had been believed, and more impacts were predicted.

Current Strategies and Travel

Assuming that a state of Emergency has become declared in the affected areas and I being the Incident Commander, there is certainly need to come up with an effective unexpected emergency response?nternet site await the federal assist with take over. In accordance to Dollar et ing. (2006), an Incident Commander is concerned with organizing and handling all the subjects that get handled in of emergency response, growing incident response objectives, manage incident functions, and apply resources and responsibility to folks involved.

It is important to know the situation in front of you and consider the factors that would have an effect on response. As an Occurrence Commander, a team to evaluate the situation would need to be right away dispatched to the ground and communicate again. Preparations to manage the situation might then adhere to whereby the team to respond would go to the drawing table to program. Training exercise has to be immediately done, and the equipment’s needed to be assembled and certified. All the resources are mobilized, that help sought when ever need be. The team would have to make certain that transport machines such as urgent boats are in place. Choppers may also be included to help intended for safe transfer of people by areas where the storm can allow choppers to fly low. The tactical level of response would function under the methods designed and given by the preparation group (Vasconez, and. d).

For easy sales and marketing communications and response, a support staff of interaction and information management is important. The team really helps to develop data policies and ensures the safety of the personnel responding to the situation on the ground. The effective dexterity of the Order System assures the hold of the scenario before the introduction of the government team. Regarding the Hurricane Irene, the logistics and transportation were accomplished by the Federal Crisis Management Organization (FEMA) plus the Department of Homeland Secureness. The two response teams performed together with the express authorities in order that the safety with the affected individuals.

Storm Irene Versus Hurricane Soft sand Logistics and Transportation Response

Logistics and Transport are crucial factors that ensure the protection of people prior to, during, and after hurricanes. The occurrence of hurricanes can be predicted long before they arise. Hurricane Irene and Sandy were forecasted the federal government organizations concerned with emergency response were well aware with the impending risk. There are some similarities between the logistics and transport before and through the hurricane Irene and Sandy. The similarities are based on the realises for expulsion and the physiques responsible for emergency response and transportation of people during the hurricanes.


According to Brown and Parton (2014), the majority of the New York residents did not leave the evacuation areas during both equally hurricanes. Pertaining to both hurricanes, Irene and Sandy, evacuation orders received before their very own occurrences. The major transport sub-ways were scheduled for seal before the hurricane’s landfall. Nevertheless , the majority of the citizens did not keep at all while some were getting up leaving. Furthermore, some people are not aware that these were in evacuation zones, the low-lying areas.


Logistics and transportation will be the most important elements to be regarded when preparing intended for an emergency response (Riesbeck, 2010). A good transportation plan assures the secure transfer of individuals to safe grounds during emergencies of hurricanes. As a result, it is vital intended for both federal and state government to plan and still have a well-coordinated logistics and transport in preparation pertaining to emergency conditions.

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