The main function of religion is to provide people

having a code of behaviour which will regulates personal and social life. Assess the extent that sociological arguments and data support this kind of view of religion in females.

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Religion in the modern age has been seen by simply some sociologists as being relaxing to the probe of society, while different sociologists think that religion has for a long time placed constraints and limitations upon individuals who partake in that.

Both functionalists and Marxists have determined that religious beliefs does have the primary function of providing recommendations and restrictions to how one should behave in society., albeit both perspectives have a different perspective on the response to the sociable restrictions.

Functionalists such as Durkheim seen religious beliefs as being a essential part of societys structure and form. Durkheim and Parsons believed that by laying down a social consciousness of agreed rules and values in regards to behavior of individuals might ensure a larger security for bushed society. Durkheim identified that any breech of the acknowledged behavioural code could possibly result in deviance and even to criminality. This sociable consciousness certainly regulates personal and social life and encourages interpersonal solidarity. In modern society you observe that there is an accepted code of behaviour arranged down by the law. Most law devices throughout the world will be base don religious theories and ideals. Such and example is a introduction of some of the Ten Commandments of God staying in place in British law, such as that being illegitimate and punishable to homicide and take and also to rest in courtroom.

Ritual as identified by Malinowski nonetheless plays a sizable role in regulating personal and sociable life. The ceremony of marriage is positioned in stone as in order for some lovers to gain particular rights that they would not include if these people were no wedded. Marriage is placed down as a method of legislation and control as supplying penalties to the people who commit adultery or perhaps other functions which may split up a romance. Religion in addition has placed limitations on who are able to marry. Many religious theories condemn gay marriages and has inspired many countries not to let homosexuals to marry. This is certainly a clear indication that beliefs main function is supply a code of behaviour which regulates personal and cultural life.

Religious practice is also identified by Malinowski as being a way to obtain hope and courage to a lot of in the modern contemporary society. On his examine of the Trioband he pointed out that they utilized ritual as a way of safety by a profane body when they attempted to fish on the available sea as opposed to the lagoon. This can be compared to present day when a large number of armed forces hope to gods for safeguard when going into battle. Each member of the teams is likely to perform this take action and can be seen as an regulation of actions and as establishing down a code of behaviour through religion.

Marxists agree with the functionalist perspective that faith has the main function of laying down a code of behaviour which will regulates personal and sociable life. Although unlike the functionalist perspective they do not believe that religion is definitely mandatory in a societys structure and that on many occasions religion can be detrimental to the liberation and security of society.

Marxists believed that religion can be used as a way of laying down a code of behaviour that is built with the welfare in the ruling classes in mind, which the code of behaviour that is certainly promoted by many people religions is a type of control upon the masses, as well as lead to Marx referring religion is the opium of the people. Marx mentioned also that faith based beliefs had been as a result of the alienation that folks felt by society all together and that the behaviour code produced by religion is merely accepted by masses since society is certainly that they have nowhere fast else to turn. This can be to some extent seen in contemporary society today in which although individuals do not have a personal faith they attach themselves to spiritual groups in order to feel as if they are part of community. Such good examples are the accessories by Catholic and Protestants in Upper Ireland without needing a personal

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