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This essay undertakings to understand the negative effects Glastonbury Celebration has on a multitude of areas inside British culture focusing on four main areas, economic, environment, politics and society. Through critical evaluation of the festival, recommendations can be made in so that it will reduce their effect on their stakeholders. There is an awareness that Glastonbury Celebration has afflicted negatively in more than the 4 topics talked about below, like the tourism industry around the festivity site, the IHRCS (2010) report in Music Travel at Glastonbury Festival can be utilised for further education on this subject. However , this essay will certainly focus on the four influences with the many coverage by the media and academic personnel.

Glastonbury Festivity began around the 19th September 1970, attended by 1, 500 persons, the two-day festival headlined by T-Rex cost 1 with every single attendee receiving a bottle of milk about arrival. Fast forward to 2017 and the event has become a five-day event with 175, 1000 people participating, tickets being upwards of 238, multiple functions and performances by significant celebrities and political statistics (Glastonbury Conventions History, 2018). Tickets were sold out on-line in under an hour or so before musical acts had been announced, Glastonbury Festival is definitely the biggest event in the UK and one of the best on the globe (Hawkes, 2016). In 2015 Glastonbury manufactured 25. 9 million, following costs and large donations to charities were made, the event on average will take 86, 000 in revenue (ITV, 2015). Glastonbury’s owner, Michael Eavis, takes a moderate salary of 60, 1000 and is a powerful believer in giving to charity as such the celebration gives a number of the largest single donations yearly to charitable organizations such as Oxfam and Green Peace (Ellis et ‘s, 2017).

Conventions have negative impacts for the area they are really in as well as the people who enroll in them, McDonnell et al (1990) mentioned that the influence of the festival depends on the size, the greater the event the bigger the effect and the even more people it affects. The possible influences can also be assessed through three main themes. The time from the festival [winter, summer, night, day], the location in the event [Indoor, outdoor] and the theme of the wedding [passive, music, political]. These all modify what the affects will be and how severely they are going to affect the stakeholders of that celebration (Jago and McArdle, 1999). Applying these kinds of techniques for identifying the negative impacts of festivals to Glastonbury can enable methods to be easily made. The monetary impacts that Glastonbury provides are mainly positive, bringing 1 million annually into the neighborhood villages and tourist economy and Eavis’s large charitable contributions to charitable organisation both example of this, yet , Glastonbury’s economical impacts are generally not all good. First of all Glastonbury includes a long-running good serious price inflation equally surrounding the tickets distributed and the joints inside. As it opened in 1970 to 2016 the ticket expense alone has increased by twenty-two, 700% coming from 1 and a bottle of milk to 238+, this is an enormous difference from your inflation rates of the remaining economy has grown on an typical of 3% per annum (Simpson, 2016). This is certainly common to get festivals and thus a solution can be difficult to create, the price has grown so substantially due to the increased popularity of the festival. If the rate of inflation may be reduced it could benefit the festival goers but as very long as they are willing to pay then the selling price will keep rising.

The second issue relating to the economic impacts of Glastonbury festivals is definitely their exploitation of employees, after the previous Glastonbury (2017) following speeches and toasts from Jeremy Corbyn regarding the importance of workers privileges the planners laid off almost 700 staff all in zero-hours agreements with little to no warning following only 2 days of work. They had been offered over three weeks of work clearing the site, many were left stranded on and about the site without having money with out homes numerous were migrant workers (O’Connor, 2017). This kind of outright fermage of staff rights as well as the zero hour contracts cost many of those personnel greatly because they were unable to eat the money they will needed. No hour contracts as a whole will be exploitative and run a significant risk of staying misused by businesses as the employees include little power and often are certainly not afforded similar rights, spend or gain as those on even more extensive contracts (Sutherland and Canwell, 2004).

To try and solve this issue and ensure that Glastonbury cannot and definitely will not make use of workers once again in the future it could be recommended that most workers will be issued with fixed-term contacts stating enough time frame they shall be working for and the jobs they are expected to perform. This type of agreement is set beforehand and merit employees the same treatment since those with full-time contracts hence limiting the cabability to exploit personnel (gov. uk, 2018). Using this method it would safeguard both the personnel and the festivity who happen to be legally bound to abide by the set agreement. Glastonbury likewise impacts on the environment in a substantial method, the slogan of the festival is “Love Worthy farm, leave simply no trace”, the festival says that it is focused on recycling and the environment pushing the event goers to adopt their junk home. They may have also set up solar panels to power the stage, possess over one particular, 300 recycling volunteers and are the planets biggest singular donor to Greenpeace (Glastonbury Festivals Green Policies, 2018). Despite these moves to become a more eco-friendly festival Glastonbury still has quite a distance to go, this summer the squander abandoned in the festival consisted of 400 Gazebos, 9, 500 roll rugs, 6, 500 sleeping bags and three or more, 500 air mattresses (Gray, 2013). It doesn’t get any better because the years continue, in 2014 11. 2 tonnes of waste were collect and in 2017 one particular, 650 considérations of spend including 5, 000 outdoor tents were gather, some of this waste is usually recycled although a vast bulk is brought to landfills because of the plastics used to create the products are not built to be single-use and recyclable (Vonow, 2017). Disposing of this all waste expense the event 780, 1000 and essential 1, 300 volunteers in 2017, this might not appear like a lot of money because of 20 million plus in profits, Glastonbury makes annually however it is the impact it has on the environment.

In 2014 the UK only produced 202. 8 , 000, 000 tonnes of waste, out of this only 44% could be reused and 7. 7 mil was bio-degradable producing excessive levels of methane which add to the high numbers of carbon in our atmosphere (Government Statistical Services, 2016). This year Glastonbury released 42, 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the environment throughout the year contributing to the global warming catastrophe (Edwards, 2010) Glastonbury is looking to reduce their waste, the celebration has brightly painted receptacles across the web page, signs requesting festival goers to take their very own waste residence and have a team of just one, 300 committed to clearing this website after the event (Glastonbury Celebration Green Coverage, 2018). This kind of in mind it could be recommended that instead of a option is to obvious the waste it would be good for increase the recycling where possible capabilities with the waste.

Therefore the proposal is the fact Glastonbury uses their affect and requests retailers to create fully recyclable festival equipment from outdoor tents to chair to move mats, once this has been applied the celebration can begin to allow festival goers to get these items upon the site as a result removing landfill waste. This solution might take place above 5-10 years but will be a way to make the festival more sustainable and to educate celebration goers within the importance of recycling where possible.

Glastonbury has high numbers of pollution, although the event has solar panels used to power stages and 2016 banned the use of diesel-powered generators in site for the vendors (Glastonbury Festival Green Policies, 2018). The biggest pollutant within the festival is the water, in 2014 Glastonbury was fined 31, 000 for allowing sewerage to drip into the Whit-lake River, this kind of incident took place after an overflow tank burst. The festival would not report this kind of to environmental agencies rather it was documented by outside monitoring from the river during the festival, the festival was taken to court docket where it had been discovered that the same incident experienced happened this year resulting in this kind of a large fine (Environmental Firm, 2016). The spillage induced the bass population to die inside the river as well as 42 other breeds of fish, the reason being that the moment human urine breaks down that releases hydrogen.

Ammonia triggers stress for the fish leading to them blocking eating, changement in their larvae and juveniles and eventually loss of life if a water source is exposed to consistently high numbers of ammonia it could cause the environment to become poisonous killing every marine life (Eddy, 2005). It is vital that this concern is settled, to do so the festival must invest in the stronger storage of sewage over the festival and large overflow tanks, they also ought to monitor the rivers phosphate levels and report every findings for the environmental firms. Lawbreaking for festivals has become commonplace, more explicitly drug use, the rise in the drug traditions since the 1950’s means the consumer has gone coming from smoking weed to choosing “dance drugs” such as Ketamine and Ecstasy. This is due to the within festival traditions and the fundamental theme of fests are a destination to safely for illegal recreational drug employ. Whilst these kinds of drugs were mostly used by people on the outskirts of society in the 1980’s their particular consumer foundation has changed for the ordinary youths taking a break from their nine to five lives (Parker et approach, 1998).

Glastonbury has a stringent drugs insurance plan on their website saying that all guests will be looked on arrival and arrest will be created from those both equally selling and using unlawful highs (Glastonbury Festival Drug Use, 2018). However although this is “not condoned” by the festival they have become section of the deeply inlayed culture of Glastonbury, with websites like the Tab and Vice documenting the types and even purchase of drugs you should take during the festival, it may be commonplace (The Independent, 2017). This is a big issue pertaining to the festival and influences negatively on the individuals attending the festival, impacting not merely on their health insurance and mental well being but their lives outside of the festival. The National Institute on Drug Abuse for Young adults (2014) declares that repeat use of medicines in an strong short period may have enormous emotional impacts and in nearly all cases triggers addition to the ‘high’ that is certainly achieved through drug acquiring.

Therefore it would be strongly suggested that Glastonbury take a stronger stance relating to their medicine policy, more thorough bank checks, and a zero threshold policy throughout the festival would help eliminate the culture of medication. Large fests such as Glastonbury have large social impacts, the substantial spirits associated with the festival often means peoples opinions are identified by what they see, browse, hear and experience. Eileen Eavis is usually open regarding his political opinions being a incredibly left side, and he influences the festival-goers by using a left-wing experience area, Left-field. In 2013 when the very conservative came into Govt Eavis chose to move Left-field from a small outskirt attraction towards the center with the festival to change views and draw support for the Labour authorities (Bragg, 2013).

The Event has always been greatly influenced by Eavis’s political opinions, in 81 Glastonbury was funded by simply CND (Campaigning for Elemental Disarmament), in 1984 staff wore miners hats to compliment the exploration strike and in 2017 Jeremy Corbyn the best choice of the Work party offered a talk (McKay, 2000). The clear attempt to impact festival goers views can cause tension among state and locals, the juxtaposition between festivals and real-life may cause political unrest and discontentment amongst the persons (Burr, 2006).

Glastonbury can be viewed as hypocritical, the celebration itself shoves left side anti-consumerism even though it is a client heaven, impose hundreds pertaining to tickets and large amounts for those extras within the festival. With this in mind, it would be highly recommended that Glastonbury reduce it is influence in its participants and becomes more aim focusing on the wider sociable views not really on the organizers views, thus lowering the tension between now Conventional state as well as the left-wing celebration. The festivity provides various with an incredible five-day experience however its negative impacts across main parts of culture cannot continue.

Glastonbury Celebration must modify its overlook to the environment, producing above 1, 600 tonnes of waste in 2017 and polluting the river due to carelessness provides major effects for environmental surroundings (Environment Firm, 2016 and Vonow, 2017). If Glastonbury chooses to adhere to the tips given above in regards to the overall economy, political and social affects it will get a more lasting and efficiently impactful festival. To conclude fests such as Glastonbury Festival, that have over a hundred seventy five, 000 people annually and stream globally to an target audience of millions, have a social responsibility for the negative impacts they have on all parts of society (Glastonbury Festival History, 2018)

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