Theme of the lottery by simply shirley jackson

“The Lottery” Shirley Jackson uses several fictional elements to demonstrate why expert should be asked and not considered for granite throughout the brief story “The Lottery. ” Jackson uses the litearay elements paradox, color, and point of view over the short history to demonstrate just how authority must be questioned.

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Paradox is used over the short story to demonstrate why authority should be questioned. On page 63, Mr. Adams inquiries Old Man Warner about the objective of the lottery explaining that in the various other village, the lottery has ceased to be in effect.

With no reasonable explanation, Old Man Warner shuts down Mr. Adams who obviously would not believe in the lottery. In the event that Mr. Adams would drive the issue even more, Mrs. Hutchinson possibly will not of recently been brutally murdered for no reason along with many other people in future lotteries. This brief review is ironic because people are scared to put a stop to something which is obviously injustice to contemporary society simply because people are afraid to question power and custom.

On-page 64, Mrs. Hutchinson yell’s to some different citizen’s proclaiming, “Make all of them take all their chance! ” This brief review is ironic because she is the one later on chosen to perish by pebbles thrown for her from the very people who she is shouting at. Mrs. Hutchinson’s fatality could have quickly been averted if somebody, anyone had the guts to stand up so that they truly feel is right and justice.

Knutson uses shades to show the mood of the tale by often using the color black. The black box is custom for the little town this story was based in, the citizens had been afraid to question power and get the box cleaned up, “but no one loved to upset even as very much tradition because was represented by the black box”¦the package grew shabbier each year. ” The entire mood of the tale was very somber, persons acted artificial, they were frightened to question authority in order to be different. One of the papers put in the black package was discolored black employing coal; this kind of stain represents a sorrowful and bad mood in the story. This can be a world where residents are so worried to be looked down upon that they will certainly not question an immoral and injustice total annual practice know as the lottery. If perhaps Jackson may have used the color blue or green, a positive lively color, then the account would not always be so depressing and people will be happier inside the story. Jackson effectively uses black to portray a sense of unhappiness and depressive disorder.

Point of view is yet another literary factor used by Knutson throughout the account. The third person point of view conceals the feelings and thoughts of the character types. By covering the heroes thoughts and feelings, readers can only produce assumptions depending on the activities of the heroes. Based on a few of the characters activities, it’s evident that many character types do not go along with the lotto and the methods of the city, but are just scared to question the practices. Old Man Warner is never strongly asked throughout the story; he appears to be the expert figure in the storyline, the one that the citizens tend not to question.

In conclusion, Jackson’s concept is clear “” Authority should always be questioned and never taken pertaining to granite and also tradition! Jackson’s use of paradox, color and point of view to clearly present her message. She efficiently, but gently presents her feelings on the subject matter throughout the story applying literary elements.


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