Implication for Managers Essay

The European Model presented a different approach to management that is uniquely different from their counterparts in the us. The innovative form of administration in European countries gain popularity because of the noticeable faster speed of creativity of Europeans as compared with the Japanese.

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The radical difference in Europe is usually brought about by is a tendency of firms from this country to continually seek new forms of business by changing structures, processes, and restrictions. The differentiation of Western european firms from a different nation is there level of lateral overall flexibility wherein they can adjust to the differences of civilizations, socio-economic, and legal systems across national boundaries. Therefore, European companies excel on temporal overall flexibility that includes innovations that are relevant to progress, progress technologies, and the changes in cultural and economical realms over time (Tsutsui, 2001).

In relation to this kind of, European businesses become more competitive because of the different management style that they apply, which is based on humanizing work in order to develop the demands of people in an organization that may be increasingly becoming even more nationally varied. Being the situation, the Euro management design has wonderful implications about managers with regards to the way they deal with the functions and processes of the companies and most specifically on the way they manage personnel (Grint, 1997). The Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) is actually a manufacturing plant in Ayr, Ireland.

During the end of the eighties, DEC chosen to respond to the necessity of American businesses to adjust to the industrial requirements from the European market when it comes to software. The main issue highlighted in the Western-style of management is the fact it purely follows the Taylor model of management. Traditional western firms think that effective administration entails that there should a rigid distinction between executives and workers. The executives have responsibility of thinking the actual employees should do and workers only have to abide by it.

In line with this kind of, DEC adopted the high-performance work design in order to addresses the requirements for brand spanking new product development, especially in the Far East. Because of the changes in the operation of DECEMBER, the supervision styles of the business have to change. The employees of DEC were trained and autonomous job groups had been established in order to respond to the requirement of employees to get flexibility and skills purchase (Armstrong, 2006). The employees of DEC desire a supportive design rather than a enquete style of administration.

Being the truth, the management style veers away from the notion of mass creation and also of Taylorism and point towards the idea that managing is a normal process that could actually happen by means of flexible workforce and production organization (Andersen & Taylor, 2005). The difference in the management style of DEC has a enormous implication on the managers from the organization. The managers associated with an organization possess a crucial role inside the overall businesses of the firm namely: organizing, organizing, leading, and controlling (Lewis et al.

2006). In the case of DECEMBER, managers should do different responsibilities during the transition of the business to a high-performance work design. First, the concept of focus is highly emphasized in the view of management when it comes to influencing the workforce with regards to selling the introduction of new products. Second, managers have to give attention to the support of policies. Managers have to encourage employees to formulate their abilities by means of employing a reward system.

Third, managers have to set up a good and responsible working organization. DECEMBER established function groups where each group that is create of doze members need to properly attain their tasks, including clocking in and out singularly because flexitime was applied. Fourth, the management type of the businesses greatly affected the managers because they must implement a unique style of management that gives individual support for workers rather than directive coordination.

5th, project managers also have the obligation to create new product line and collaborate to employees to obtain their view and help in creating a competitive edge to get the product. Sixth, managers need to make sure of engendering control when it comes to the process of the organization where managers need to gain the participation and enthusiasm in the employees (Jackson, 2002). The responsibilities of the managers of DEC through the transition inside the management design of the organization stand for the importance and pivotal role of managers.

Contrary to the prevalent belief that managers only have to deal with creating new tips, planning, and managing the finances and other aspects of the corporation, a different perspective of managers is given by European style that is exemplified in the case of DECEMBER. Managers will be viewed not only as professional managers but instead leaders that truly inspire, direct, and guide their workers. In a universe that is becoming increasingly competitive, managers of different agencies have to learn from the European model that humanizes the way of management (Leavitt, 2005). Managers in this kind of model will not merely connect themselves even more with the workers but they are actually making the corporation more tightly related to the employees.

Employees can actually recognize the objectives of the firm and be participative and keen enough to join achieving these goals rather than merely thinking of it since mechanical work that they have to do in exchange for money. Managers have the capacity to direct the organization toward its success in addition to doing so, there is also to give importance to advancement and growth of the employees.

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