Trauma at the tunnel in los angeles crisis


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Handling an emergency is actually a difficult activity where specifically considering the fact that these types of events are generally not always organized. Even though the response teams are always prepared to handle these circumstances they deal with a significant problem considering that every single emergency differs from the other which need quick reorganization and ensure the fact that whole procedure is successful. The integration of different response teams is principally in order to make sure that they are good in their capability to conduct a fast recovery process. Coordination and organization are significant elements that influenced the development technique of a response team where there is need to ensure a larger understanding on the best possible approach to improve on the recovery process.

The trauma on the tunnels one of many worst educate accidents in Los Angeles in which two trains a commuter and a freight coach collided go on. This unexpected emergency created a significant understanding on the existing problems in response and lack of overall unpreparedness considering the fact that it took a long time for the response support groups to figure out the way forwards. The mitigation of the unexpected emergency involved a multi-agency procedure, which aimed at effective understanding under which critical decisions would be manufactured (Eckstein, 2009).

The first response to the scene included three engine companies, including a truck organization, one paramedic, and a heavy rescue device, which were almost all focused on several focus section of the emergency. The Los Angeles Open fire department set up communication with Los Angeles County Medical Notify center, which is responsible for matching large-scale happenings in the Are usually County. The medical notify center was significantly involved in reorganizing solutions while establishing the available emergency health-related centers in the county, which provided a tremendous understanding for the best way of handle the response method (Eckstein, 2009).

The emergency response is governed at the state level exactly where different unexpected emergency setup have been completely put in place to make sure that there is a speedy response to unexpected emergency cases into their respective conditions. The federal level is definitely involved in preparing emergency solutions as well as offering practicing emergency companies to unexpected emergency service representatives in order to boost their overall understand under which in turn it is possible to understand the existing problems in managing an emergency crisis. The FEMA is mixed up in planning method where it is engaged across the states aimed at improving the quality of emergency providers. Emergencies need quick response and thus it can be easier intended for the state to response instead of waiting for federal communication to be able to focus on the approach (Liu et al., 2014).

The HC funding in emergency situations is highly governed where there are multiple platforms, which are linked to ensuring that there are funds open to aid the completely emergency response operations. Different stakeholder in the community takes on an integral role in ensuring that there is a better focus and an effective environment under which usually emergencies companies can be done with the desired urgency with no financial challenges. The federal and local government are the main financiers of these processes, which are aimed at bettering the overall focus under which usually it would be possible to carry out successful restoration operations. Additional stakeholders are usually taken into consideration where they have been definitely involved in making certain there is a better coordination of services in the time emergency, which is an important factor to consider within any given community (Van De Walle et al., 2014).

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