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Political Federal government

Congressional Values

Due to the standard of trust the general public has on these people, members of Congress should always ensure that they conduct themselves in a manner that does not betray this kind of level of trust. In the past, various members of Congress had been charged with assorted ethics violations. Those in whose ethical inclination has been offer question incorporate, but they are not really limited to, Associate. Patrick Meehan, Rep. R Kihuen, Rep. Trent Franks, and Associate. Anthony Weiner. On this front side, I will concern myself with Rep. Duncan Hunter, where it was alleged that this individual did convert tens of thousands of dollars of campaign funds by his congressional campaign panel to personal use to pay for family travel, flights, programs, health care, institution uniforms and tuition, rings, groceries, and also other goods, providers, and expenditures (Office of Congressional Integrity, 2018). Upon 31st Aug 2016, a recommendation was made by the Residence Office of Congressional Values to the effect that the accusations made against Hunter always be further analyzed by the Panel on Ethics. On 23rd March 2017, the Panel on Values deferred the problem to the Doj. This effectively means that the member of Our elected representatives is underneath criminal analysis for the violations featured herein. We support the move by the House Integrity Committee to defer the investigations in the matter pertaining to criminal research against Seeker.

As per the OCE report issued by the panel, as have been highlighted above, Hunter was at clear breach of several rules of the House of Reps – more specifically with regard to the Code of Official Perform item quantity 6 exactly where it is stated that the Member, Assign, or Homeowner Commissioner – shall maintain the campaign funds of this sort of individual distinct from the personal funds of such individual… may not convert campaign money to personal use… (Committee on Integrity, 2018). This kind of clear disregard for regulations effectively means that the person in Congress could possibly be inclined to ignore various other regulations of the home if an prospect presents itself in the future. Next, the behavior of the concerned member of Our elected representatives puts to question his resolve to place public curiosity before interest. Ordinarily, elected officials are expected to act in the best interests of their constituents.

It is important to note that upon review of the matter, as per the OCE statement issued by committee, and upon comprehensive research in the various moral violations which were attributed to members of Our elected representatives in the past, my trust with the said users was negatively impacted after. I are now more skeptical of their resolve to act in the best interests of their constituents. Elective chairs should not, and must not, become viewed as paths to personal enrichment or convenience.

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