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Norms, Indigenous People, Assertiveness, Intercultural Communications

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Excerpt from Annotated Bibliography:


Annotated Bibliography – Venezuela

Exactly what are the major factors and measurements of culture in this region?

Hub for Intercultural Learning. (2012) Cultural Information – Venezuela. Available coming from http://www.intercultures.ca/cil-cai/ci-ic-eng.asp?iso=ve. 2012 April 04.

This is a great interactive device for people enthusiastic about different ethnicities and corporations. There is webpage for each region with information regarding Venezuela broken into sections by means of hyperlinks. The structure can be conversational design between the user and the articles provider. Record information along with information concerning cultural rules and behaviors are provided.

Interknowledge Corporation. (2010) Venezuela – History and Culture. Available from http://www.geographia.com/venezuela/history.htm. 2012 April 04.

This article gives a lot of information regarding the interpersonal and the ethnical aspects of Venezuela. Particular focus is paid to elements such as dialect, art background, behaviors, best practice rules, dress, and cultural appearance. There is fewer statistical info and more qualitative data with regards to Venezuela lifestyle.

Roques. com. (2011) Republica de Venezuela – People of Venezuela. Available from http://www.republica-de-venezuela.com/about-venezuela/people-of-venezuela.php. 2012 April apr.

This article convey the history of the indigenous peoples and how these were colonized by simply different ethnicities over time. This content explains how the Venezuelan individuals have sustained their traditions, when adapting and integrating portions of other cultures to survive. The content also delivers information regarding architecture as well as the quality in the spirit with the Venezuelan people.

Question 2 – Exactly how are these elements and dimensions included by residents conducting organization in the land?

Global Border: Michigan Point out University. (2012) Venezuela – Culture. Obtainable from http://globaledge.msu.edu/Countries/Venezuela/culture. 2012 April 04.

Michigan State’s Extensive College of Business connections Venezuelan traditions and professional behavior intended for the foreign business professional. They offer information regarding how to behave during every level of the organization deal making process. There is also basic information about how a culture from the country means how they perform business.

InternationalBusinessCenter. org. (2012) Venezuela Business Etiquette and Culture. Available from http://www.cyborlink.com/besite/venezuela.htm. 2012 April 03.

The article is a great source of background information and history on the country. Additionally, it provides data of Venezuelan communications styles, behaviors throughout genders, overall look, and a vigorous social analysis in the style of Geert Hofstede. The web link between regional national traditions to conducting business through the nation can be readily noticeable. This article is very clear and helps someone build important thinking expertise and is a fantastic example of tips on how to synthesize information regarding culture with business.

Venezuelanalysis. com. (2012) Reading: Important Axis of Venezuelan Social Policy. Readily available from http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/6489. 2012 April 04.

This post takes a more critical position on positions regarding business practice and culture. The content highlights facets of Venezuelan traditions such as the substantial literacy price and how that cultural practice or habit translated into institutions including education in addition to areas including public policy.

Question several – Just how can both of the above mentioned items match up against U. T. culture and business?

Aneki. com – Ratings and Records. (2012) United States when compared to Venezuela. Obtainable from http://www.aneki.com/comparison.php?country_1=United+Statescountry_2=Venezuela2012 April 03.

The website allows users to choose countries with their choice(s) for any side-by-side comparability in many groups across sector and theme. The information is presented in a clear brief manner and is also a strong synopsis of the basics of all the sources found.

Culture Crossing. (2012)

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