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” The situation with these types of primitive models is that they continue to be mainly oriented on info retrieval instead of optimal tone of voice transmission.

Yet , research is very well on the way and it seems that it will probably be less than a year before we could talk about Voiceover WiFi or VoWiFi. However, it is apparent that there are many problems that the VoWiFi providers will have to deal with before the designs are commercialized on the market.

To start with, there is the concern of protection, something I have also referred to the moment discussing Voice over IP. The problem does not actually refer to security by itself, but to the truth that tone transmission can be affected by the security protocols set up to protect your data exchange. In several ways, this is comparable to what we are experiencing today when we possess a fire wall installed. The challenge with words transmission is usually, however , you have to have a fluent and cursive voice packages transmission, otherwise the complete conversation is no longer useful. With data, it truly is less this situatio, since the plans are not necessarily conditioned by way of a arrival by a certain time.

The second trouble VoWiFi companies may be working with is that the 802. 11 Wireless standards “are not created to handle words. ” Which means that, first of all, the criteria need to be designed and to some degree modified to ensure that phone calls and voice plans will have the upper hand over data, following the same idea that I’ve mentioned in the paragraph here above. This is certainly expected to arise somewhere in the fall of 2004. Since the article referenced below describes, another concern that needs to be solved is the trouble of an wide open WiFi regular, which would mean that you can use the skills provided in case you switch between networks.

Finally, there are also a few normal complications, such as energy consumption and battery life. VoWiFi services are required to consume much bigger amounts of strength than all their cellular alternative. It seems just logical that the problem must be solved, since it is less likely that buyers will be willing to use this services only for a couple of hours.


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