What the American Flag Means to Me Essay

The American Flag stands today showing that the fantastic place all of us call America, is permanently united and will stand solid till we all have been no more. And also the come to go to our nation and notice that, we People in the usa are full of chastity, innocence, honor and serenity, which the six white lashes on each of our flag suggest.

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Also, we all have been full of power, strength, bravery and endurance because all of us don’t enable anyone or perhaps anything to split our region apart. All of us will permanently stand together in a green field of justice, fairness and correct. I believe our freedom is what makes us very unique.

My spouse and i find it remarkable that in America; everyone is treated fairly and equally. Our flag is known as a representation of, not just the individual religious freedom, although of our standing together and ruling as you. The banner is one of the finest possessions this country features ever had. I believe that the flag is more than the piece of fabric floating around on a pole; I believe that the banner is what keeps our nation bonded jointly as a whole.

This can be a beautiful issue and I think that it will never be forgotten. There are numerous races living here in America. This demonstrates that people by all over the world have come to us intended for better chances, freedom, careers, and most significantly safety. I realize understand that, now because of each of our flag and country, were dependable and worthy of it of the United States of America. The individuals who are currently and have once dished up this country will be thanked everyday for their braveness and effort to keep america a safe destination to be.

They have put their very own life on the line so that they can maintain our region in top condition. Most importantly, they may be anybody you understand. People inside the military fluctuate races and therefore are family members, friends and even other people. But to all of us, they will always be thanked for his or her gratitude toward us. They may have tried their particular hardest to protect our nation.

Some have lost their lives to offering us. They died, in least knowing, that they have done the right point and that no one will ever forget them. We now have multiple privileges that have built us who we are today. We have the freedom of presentation.

This is the directly to speak the mind and tell the world the things you believe is right. You will not be penalized for what you feel. You have your own thoughts and nobody can adjust that. There is also the freedom of religion.

The freedom of faith allows you to select which religion you would like to practice. There are many religions out in this world to choose from and you will probably also certainly not be punished for your selection of what you practice. We have the liberty of movement that allows you to move to where ever you really feel is the most secure and ideal place to your family to live in.

You will never end up being arrested pertaining to moving around to be able to places where you experience that you will be the safest you may believe that you may be.

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