Wireless networking Essay

With all the current using 802. 11b wireless option Highbrow Education is using, hot spots are inefficient pertaining to application delivery, and to manage the bandwidth they will need for the collaboration and development required in the foreseeable future.

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An update to an improved Wireless LOCAL AREA NETWORK (WLAN) structure will resolve all of their small business. While an 802. 11b/g model to get wireless network using a classic centralized WLAN switch may well work, this solution is incredibly expensive and has a lot of limitations. This kind of model is prone to bad application delivery, performance bottlenecking, and possessing a single level of failure depending on the well being of the central WLAN switch.

Upgrading to the optimized WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK architecture, employing 802. 11n technology, delivers Highbrow Education with a international, efficient, high-performing wireless network. An enhanced WLAN architecture combines the advantages of central management and addresses the limitations of having a central cellular switch. Improved WLAN includes intelligent Get Points (Aps) and a WLAN control. The APs forward visitors and impose security and prioritization policies, while the WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK controller on the inside manages and controls every APs.

The APs mail all visitors directly from origin to destination without requiring a detour for the controller. The optimized WLAN architecture, using its distributed targeted traffic forwarding, will never require Intellectual Ed to significantly alter their LAN backbone. Highbrow Ed will have to upgrade their very own WLAN facilities to migrate from the 802. 11b network to 802.

11n network. However , Intellectual Ed will see an increase in production and increased collaboration solutions. The transformation to the 802. 11n structures will increase their very own area of coverage for the campus in the constructions and outdoors.

802. 11n boosts network capacity and speed up to 600Mbps, and supports voice-data transfers.

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