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Advertising is meant to attract a unique audience and intice that audience to acquire the product becoming introduced and marketed. Makeup advertisements catch the attention of women who desire to accentuate or perhaps beautify their features. A great advertisement in Cosmopolitan journal for example attracts the same audience as the magazine caters too. This advertisement that was located was intended for Covergirl lip stick. This advertisement attracts women who are involving the ages of sixteen and forty-five. The advertisement states that the product will give beautiful lips now and in seven days, meaning the brand and product will certainly enhance a woman’s lip area overall.

The brand objectives of Covergirl, and Covergirl lip perfection lip color are to attract their target audience and attract these individuals to try the item and continue buying Covergirl makeup products overtime, thus attaining the commitment of the potential audience. Furthermore, in case the consumers are interested in this product, they might be more willing to purchase various other Covergirl items as well. The product advertisement as well indicates that we now have forty-four tones to choose from in order that women will certainly buy more than one shade to complement anything they are wearing or any occasion they are often attending.

The marketer used print out advertisement to attract a specific market. By selecting the magazine that they chose, they may be targeting the customers that delight in sitting down seeking through a mag and locating beauty products they could wish to try. These ladies typically take the lookout for the latest products and hottest styles. Furthermore, the point audience is already engaged in searching through the publication, which allures more interest than tv or website marketing does. The visual appeal and credibility from the magazine as well boost the prospect of sales with this brand and product.

The placement of the advertisement manufactured sense for the reason that it was among columns of how to decorate oneself as well as tips to getting healthier. The advertisement was large and very vibrant. It also highlighted a very recognized celebrity, which in turn attracts focus in along with itself. The sole recommendation intended for the advertisement is always to list various other products that may go well with this type of product. The advertisement is large enough to quite possibly include one more smaller photo depicting the latest eye darkness or lips liner that may go well with this system. The advertisement was very well put and the target audience could conveniently be interested in this product pertaining to it’s overall incentive of helping persons achieve more beautiful lips.

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