Applying watson s nursing theory to assess patient

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Applying Watson’s Nursing Theory to Assess Sufferer Perceptions to be Cared for in a Multicultural Environment” describes the validness and authentication from the nursing theory of proper care by Blue jean Watson. She was in the view the fact that best which usually a doctor can give to the patient is definitely care while humans happen to be naturally talented with this and it is no matter ethnical, ethnic, cultural or social basis. The article details the significance of this theory in this kind of environment where nurses and their patients include ethnical and cultural big difference and they usually do not even appreciate each other’s language. It is a case study created to explore Saudi patient’s awareness of significant caring manners by staff nurses. It was concluded by data acquired that the individuals rated general caring behaviors as most important irrespective of all their cultural distinctions with the caregiver. Hence Watson’s theory was proved in a multicultural environment, but it highly recommended that nursing staff should be provided with the assistance in foreign language to enable them to better look after their sufferers (Wakifa ainsi que. al 2009).

The article “Virginia Henderson’s concepts and practice of breastfeeding applied to body organ donation after brain death” describes about the Need theory of Breastfeeding presented simply by Virginia Henderson. She asserted that key needs of humans ought to be addressed in nursing practice as a central focus and nurses is going to take care of the patients whole-heartedly and devotedly. Nurses ought to be provided with even more knowledge and techniques so that they can better understand and fulfill the needs of patients. In the event nurses will be adequately aware about any patients’ brain loss of life, then while using consent from the family, they will transplant the organs based on the needs of other individuals. But for this kind of purpose, they should be specialized in these types of areas. This concept is as according to Henderson’s theory the fact that donation procedure will lead significantly to transferring the gift of life from a single human being to a new via rns (Nicely 2011).

The article “Therapeutic modulation from the psycho-neuroimmune program by medical acupuncture makes enhanced thoughts of very well being” defined Martha Roger’s theory of Science of Unitary Human Beings. The theory corelates the impact of environment over the nursing procedures that nurses should be imaginative enough to tackle together with the modern techniques in medical technology and should usually look beyond the range. Hence nursing’s main concentrate should be environment rather than medical care. The article identifies changes in psychneuroimmune system with respect to surroundings by reviwing throughout the world literature and it was noticed that medical acupuncture is closely linked to Roger’s conceptual model as these advanced techniques can assist in well being of your pateint (Allan 2006).

Overall, the three content revovle throughout the same principle, i. e., nurses needs to be provided direction and assistance in fresh emerging technoligies and should get ready according to the scenario in which they will work. In that way, they can do their job in a better and direct way, my spouse and i. e., they can take care of the patient

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