Bush 9 11 conversation essay

Author: George W. Rose bush (or speechwriter)

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The speaker is usually George W. Bush, the relatively new, then-president of the United States.


The event was the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 10, 2001, which will prompted this speech that has been televised afterwards that same day. One can assume that area was in a state of impact, with emotions running excessive.


The principal audience just for this speech is definitely the American community as a whole, with perhaps an exclusive emphasis on those who find themselves mourning the loss of loved ones and others who took part in in the save efforts.

The speech is also meant to reach non-American audiences. One such target audience is the terrorists who carried out the problems and any kind of nations that supported all of them. He also may be speaking to other non-friendly nations like a form of warning.


1 purpose Bush had was going to reassure the American people who everything is under control. As well, to express condolence and provide ease and comfort to the entire nation.

Another goal was to stress America’s unremitting power to other nations who also might be under the impression that America was weakened by attacks. Finally, Bush is usually issuing a warning towards the terrorist teams who accomplished these problems and their proponents that they are inside the sights with the American authorities.


The subject of the speech is the terrorist attacks of 9/11, plus the government’s response to the episodes.


The tone from the speech starts out in a compassionate, sympathetic voice, where the president expresses sadness and sadness for those who have perished. In section 5 from the speech, yet , the tone shifts to 1 of nationwide pride and patriotism. If he describes the government’s a reaction to the problems, the sculpt of the talk again shifts to one of command and authority. His final sculpt is threatening to those whom perpetrated the attacks.

Analytical Paragraph:

In this speech, then-president George Watts. Bush addressed the American people following a terrorist attacks of Sept 11th, 2001. A relatively fresh and untested leader, Rose bush faced the daunting obstacle of answering a countrywide crisis as opposed to anything noticed since Arizona memorial in 1941. The American people were in a state of shock, highlighted with occasions of fear and demands the blood of these responsible. In the speech, Bush speaks for the American persons, but in doing so reminds (potentially hostile) non-American audiences of the unyielding power of the United States. He first tries to comfort the country, and good remarks those trying to respond to the tragedy, and here his strengthen is compassionate and sympathetic.

He uses vivid descriptions in this part of the talk to help underscore the feeling oftragedy and loss. Later in the presentation, his strengthen shifts to one of order and power when he looks for to assure the people from the processes that the government will go through to respond to the turmoil. The talk ends with another tonal shift appropriate for issuing a bold-faced menace not just for the terrorists, but to those people and nations who support these people. Throughout the conversation, Bush interests the sentiment of national pride and “AmericanExceptionalism to rally the spirit in the American people on that dark working day.

Effect on you:

This was likely a situation where the most powerful, vivid words would not be satisfactory. However , Bush manages to hide a lot of ground in this relatively short and to-the-point speech, and his messages to his numerous audiences had been fairly obvious.

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