Deaf Like Me Book Report Essay

This book was really interesting and pressing. The parents of Lynn, the deaf young daughter, were very strong parents and the struggle to be able to make their daughters existence as usual as possible was hard to them since almost everywhere they gone the answer the always acquired was, pertaining to Lynn to attempt to talk and become treated being a normal kid.

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As father and mother, Louise and Tom do everything these were told and only hoped for the very best and that eventually their deaf child could talk. Considering that the beginning when they found out their very own daughter was deaf they did all the research they could to try and manage to make your life better for Lynn. Every single doctor and specialist they will saw often told me to deal with her as a normal kid, to talk to her, and to certainly not use signals or sign language. The moment Louise and Tom got Lynn to get examined at many different places that they finally located that your woman was greatly deaf. They got her a hearing aid to see if this would help her hear better but unfortunately it didn’t make a difference, Lynn still wasn’t able to notice anything.

Those things the doctors and consultant told these people stuck inside their heads; in the event that she do gestures or used indicators to connect she would not need a normal lifestyle and be defined as a deaf person. The way they described this kind of made Louise and Mary think that in case their daughter didn’t learn how to speak or examine lips she’d have a miserable life. They will didn’t desire Lynn to suffer when ever she acquired older that they wanted her to develop up like any other child and be able to communicate with others and talk. Lynn wasn’t retarded or disabled, she was just hard of hearing but as a result of information they will got it appeared like she was and that was what they didn’t want her to be labeled as.

When they heard about Star King Exceptional College, which was a college for hard of hearing children, they will wanted to decide if this was a good place to get Lynn to attend. This university was a great oral institution only and children there were thought how to read lips and pay attention to how to discuss. Since they had heard a whole lot of good reasons for having this school and the way it was defined to all of them they thought this would be the ideal place intended for Lynn to learn how to talk. Lynn attended here although throughout the complete time the girl was right now there she only made just a little progress.

With practicing in the home and at college Louise and Tom understood that she would eventually learn how to talk since she manufactured small improvement and was slowly learning. Like We mentioned the data they were informed repeatedly was only 50 percent the truth. Whenever they met Barbara Simmons in the meeting they’d at the college their lives would finally become less stressful.

The girl thought signal language was obviously a good way to communicate with deaf children through them learning sign vocabulary it would make their lives easier. She introduced them to Jim and Alice Hudson, a deaf couple, and so they talked to them about how exactly sign vocabulary would help Lynn to accomplish better anytime and how in reality she would most likely not be able to speak and read lips correctly. After talking to them and reading the articles that were there gave these people Louise and Tom were willing to give it a try and take the chance. Applying sign language was a achievement and they could communicate with Lynn very fast and within a week they were capable to understand each other.

This was a means faster improvement than before. They will finally chosen to use signal language and Lynn’s progress got better and better and sign terminology because their very own new second language. While studying the publication I discovered a lot and it made me think and wonder why they would put young children through so much struggle just because they will don’t desire them to employ sign language. Every time I stumbled upon the comments they made regarding her if she is not a normal child in the event she didn’t learn how to speak really disappointed me mainly because just because your woman was hard of hearing it didn’t mean the lady wasn’t gonna be able to do things like everybody else.

It’s unhappy how they had been never capable to communicate with her and the approach the struggle could have been prevented. Lynn was a bright kid she discovered how to read lips rapidly so I’m pretty sure in the event that she experienced started to master sign vocabulary when the girl was two-years old she would have chosen it up quickly too.

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