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You are the school head prefect as well as your principal can be asking you to organize a inviting speech with the enrolment of 800 fresh form 1 students to your school Make a welcoming presentation and use the following take into account assist you in the preparation of the speech: *To ensure the discipline of school is totally adhered to.

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*Demerit points granted to students who breach the code of execute. *Behave effectively and discuss politely with seniors and also other visitors. *Proper attires at all times, no punk hair/coloured locks.

*Get energetic and enrol in membership and socities activities *Strictly no celullar phones. *Maintain and uphold the school acdemic achievements The speech must follow the proper formatting. Higher signifies awarded in language, presentation and clarity.

This text message is not edited: You could please discover any grammatical /spelling errors or on ideas and presentation.

A great morning intended for our dearest principal Mister. Haji Ismail bin Haji Syafiq, well known teachers and all my friends.

This morning, We felt extremely honoured to speak to our jr level you about 800 of them. Welcome to SMK Pengkalan Giboso 2, Padang Tembak. You are now members of this university and so it is crucial for you to safeguard the good term of this university. As the top Prefect with the school, it truly is my obligation and responsibility to ensure that these discipline code are strictly adhered to

First of all, you cannot take mobile phones, are not able to have colored hair, your school uniform must not be tight. The hair must be short as well as the shoes has to be all white-colored. Leather shoes happen to be strictly prohibited except for the prefects wherever they are allowed to wear dark leather shoes. Most forms of jewelleries are not in order to be use inside the university compound. Keep in mind, If you do not comply with these kinds of regulations, then punishment will probably be imposed upon you. You will be more than likely suspended or perhaps expelled at school.

The people of this institution are encouraged to become polite and well socialized not only amongst yourselves yet also on your seniors in form a couple of, 3, 4 and a few. In addition you are also compelled to act in front of the teachers. If you will discover visitors just like parents and any officials from virtually any organisation exterior there, you have to wish all of them and admiration them. This is our culture in this school and everybody need to behave to ensure that we can uphold the image and reputation of this kind of school. Special friends

Additionally it is important for one to be enrolled in societies and clubs that we have in this school. We have most of them and some consist of mathematics, sejarah, english and bahasa melayu. As for the clubs, we certainly have taekwando, silat gayong and chess. You can enrol in clubs and socities that you just think, you may carry these people until you reach form5. For your data, this institution use demerit points for every offence dedicated by every single student. In case the students accumulate more than 10 demerit details, then the college student can be penalized and their parents will be contact out.. Remember,. I hope that you just all as being a new college student can uphold the school’s name.

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