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Masters programme in electronics and communication engineering

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I wish to follow my graduate student studies at your esteemed organization, as I assume that a Masters degree can help me to realize my supreme goal, to develop me personally as a well educated electrical industrial engineer and enhance my existing career in related industries.

As a secondary school student we had an electric power lesson in which we had to create a simple motor unit using wood made board, toenails and coated wire and battery.

Following assembling the materials once i connected the machine to the a few volt power supply, the brake disc, made by worn out nail, started out rotating instantly. it was outstanding for me and i also always remember that as a wish. This happening motivated me personally to select electrical architectural for my own higher education. We attended the entrance exam and by Ranking in the best 0. 5% of participants, I joined Khaje Nasir Al-din Commercial University of Tehran which can be one of the Iranian’s top anatomist universities. We studied College of Scientific research in electricity engineering.

In addition to the courses relevant to power, I have taken on various training such as math (basic and engineering), physics, basic computer-programming, electro magnetism, electrical brake lines, electronics (basic, intermediate), Alerts and devices analysis, Telecommunication, Micro computer systems principles, geradlinig control, which may have introduced me personally to various assumptive concepts and methods which i experimented with in labs.

Meanwhile, during the a lot of study I found a job in liquid product packaging Industry which usually led me personally to practice my knowledge in this field upon different types of equipment. Nevertheless, this overlap of working and studying resulted in some disruptions in my learning and triggered the bachelor period to last longer than usual. After concluding my Bachelors, I became familiar with one of the PLC(Programmable Reasoning Controller) integrators in Usa, a company called Neda Commercial group which can be active in several fields of Iranian sector such as bare cement, oil, gas, petrochemical and energy. This is my genuine approach to the field of electronics and network interaction.

During four years of effective work in different projects My spouse and i achieved an acceptable knowledge in several kinds of electronics modules such as CPUs, analogue and digital signal modules, signal extrémité, field tour bus (profi-bus), communication processors of different protocols just like industrial Ethernet, serial (RTU and TCP/IP) and different types of sensors, switches and transducers. Years of doing work in this field, made me so passionate about electronics. Although I usually have been aiming to keep me personally updated simply by reading the latest control and electronics publishes, the lack of complex knowledge in this area has made myself to think about educational studying.

The angle I have drawn in my mind is always to achieve discursive supervision above the electronics and communication and after that go back to sector by a superior quality back ground. I am certain that experience of cutting edge services, interaction with renowned teachers at your institution will help develop my knowledge and adaptability and help myself to face firm global competition. It would be a fantastic privilege to do my graduate studies, and I am quite self-confident that I will certainly match the high criteria set because of your program.


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