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Case study 1

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In case examine 1 Winston is actually aggressive. Even so over new months this individual has become incredibly withdrawn, extremely grumpy and agitated. In case study that says how Winston partner known as Dark red was assisting him to arrange for understructure when he lasted out punching her in her torso. This reveals he has become physically intense. The characteristics to get his behavioural change, is that he shouts obscenities loudly, especially in the evening before going to bed. The reason for his actions is due to the fact he had Alzheimer disease.

1 . What type of challenging behaviour is being displayed? The demanding behaviour being displayed is reactive. 2 . How do you understand this? Explain the characteristics His characteristic of his difficult behaviour is intimidating, aggressive and damaging. I know this because it says in the case examine that Winston ‘shouts obscenities loudly, especially in the evening before going to understructure, and has become bodily aggressive toward his wife’ another level that shows his difficult behaviour is usually when Ruby is assisting him and he lashes out punching her in the chest.

several. What are the complexities or sets off? Winston features Alzheimer Disease. This is a kind of dementia. Dementia is a number of symptoms which will affects how a brain functions; this could likewise affect the way Winston behaves as he could become hostile. The cause of Winston’s anger is caused by his physical illness, (Alzheimer Disease) this will make it difficult for him to accomplish some actions and that’s why this individual has the help of his partner.

Case study 2

Sean’s twenty-one years old and has been managing his auntie for the past 8 weeks because life at home have been very unclear due to his parents under-going a divorce. This individual does not understand his auntie very well and it is slightly uneasy to talk to her about his own issues. Sean regularly attends youth golf club and loves meeting his friends from school there. The girl asks him about his career background he will not seem to want it as he responds abruptly. This individual suddenly is apparently very offended by the questions and begins to swear at the support employee repetitively and says ‘what do you need to know this for? ‘ This individual gets up and says ‘Forget it’. He begins to walk away whilst shouting hurtful comments for the support employee.

1 . What sort of challenging behaviour is being displayed? In the case examine it says Sean’s, ‘starts to disappear while yelling racist responses towards the support worker. ‘ This demonstrates his actions is demanding and he shows this verbally.

2 . How do you know this? Identify the characteristics I am aware this because when Sean’s support member of staff talks to him, he’s response with a short reply, he swears at the support worker over and over requesting why the support employee is asking him. Mitch characteristics happen to be intimidating and violent.

three or more. What are the complexities or sets off? Sean’s conduct is could possibly be caused mainly because his mother and father are separated and single. Because of this, he may feel unhappy and pressured. When his support member of staff questions him about his employment record he might have already been worried about getting judged.

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