Is mayella a victim or perhaps criminal essay

The norms of society are infectiously pervasive. Sometimes really these rules, which do not let the culture appreciate the potential it has triggering the faithful victims of society to turn into criminals. It is not just the society which in turn plays a role in creating criminals in reality family and home life is quite important as well. All of us notice this kind of when Mayella a nineteen-year-old commits the unspeakable crime of accusing a dark-colored man of the rape- that is completely blameless. Even though this may represent Mayella being a criminal and a racist being, yet Mayella very little is a patient of society’s prejudice thinking, her family members, and, isolation.

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Inside the city of Maycomb the Ewells have always been viewed down on and considered white trash. The Ewells are neither recognized by white colored people because of their social ranking nor black people who disassociate themselves with the Ewells as they are white. Mayella, being unlike the other Ewells, desires to experience the world outside of the filth the lady lives in: “Against the fencing, in a line, were half a dozen chipped-enamel slop jars holding brilliant reddish geraniums.

” The germaniums suggest that Mayella desires to much better than her surroundings, to aspire to higher things. One more as to why the girl immediately seizes her possibility to finally access the privileges of white womanhood after a lot of living among pigs. She is someone who does not want her identity to be associated with the Ewells. However , at the end of the day society will not see Mayella for who also she is nevertheless instead a Ewell. Society’s norm leaves Mayella completely lonely and isolated, thus her fascination to Ben Robinson is actually a consequence on this seclusion.

As a result of her single mother’s absence, Mayella being the oldest of the eight children is forced to care for the younger Ewell children, as Bob is out drinking up his relief check. Her relationship with her father is incestuous and harassing, but the girl doesn’t have anywhere to go or perhaps anyone to help her. However when she is contacted, pitied, and helped by Tom Robinson, she desires him. But you may be wondering what she actually feels is definitely happiness to be with an individual in hope of receiving the love this lady has been deprived of. Her decision to falsely hang something on Tom Robinson of rape is certainly a horrendous act, but she no doubt was forced to do it by her father, Joe, to cover the simple fact that this individual beat her himself. The sole reason the lady begins to use the same low, underhanded tactics of marketing as her father is good for her individual safety.

Loneliness is the main reason Mayella includes herself about Tom Brown. Being a small teen girl she gets been through many hardships elevating her siblings, enduring her father’s beatings, and having her mother snatched via her for a very young age. Like any young lady at this age the lady dreams that her ideal man may come and take her away from this dirt she is surviving in and give her all the take pleasure in she has recently been deprived of however , the girl doesn’t understand that this is her misconception and real life nothing can beat this will happen.

But without the right direction and take pleasure in she will be keep harming herself by putting herself through all this fermage. She looks for this appreciate because the girl gets from nowhere else, as her mother is long gone away, her dad is definitely an alcoholic, and this lady has no close friends. She could possibly be a lawbreaker for accusing Tom Johnson for anything he has not done but she herself is also a victim from the society, her family, and loneliness. Yet it’s these kinds of experiences that urged her to become a felony. She was also a mockingbird who got exposed to the cruelty of the world causing her to kill another mockingbird.


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