Law Reflection Question: Law vs. Morality Essay

Plan Summary: David Quincy Archibald’s son Michael collapses when playing snowboarding as a result of a heart inability. Immediately, Ruben Q rushes Michael towards the emergency room to get a transplant. Regrettably, the insurance probably would not cover his son’s implant.

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So for Michael’s speedy and complete restoration, John will take the er hostage until the doctors accept to get the transplant successfully. Expression Question: In your reflection essay, you will quickly describe the text and conflict between Regulation and Values – utilize the text (p. 12-15) and class notes to help you.

Following watching the movie, apply tips of Rules and Morality to the motion picture plot of ‘John Q’. Also, in your essay, condition your opinion about which part of the issue you would support – legislation side or perhaps the Morality part. Justify the answer with specific examples from the video and your individual values and beliefs.

Expectations/Format: – 2-3 pages, twice spaced, doze pt typeface Times New Roman Intro: Explain the word law – What is it? In which does it result from? Discuss ‘Rule of Law’ and for what reason law is important? Explain the term Morality – what are the sources of values? Why is it important?

What is the text between legislation and morality? What is the conflict between them? Explain using an example. Section 2: Connect the plot to the aspects of law – What is the legal issue/conflict that is developing?

Paragraph three or more: Connect the plot to the aspects of morality – Precisely what is the moral issue/conflict that may be occurring? Section 4: In seeking proper rights, which part of the discord would you support – legislation side or perhaps the morality aspect? Support the answer with specific cases from the approach and from your own values and beliefs. Bottom line: Summarize your thoughts and recount your main details regarding the importance and challenges of regulation

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