Toni morrison s song of solomon dissertation

Fictional Theme, Character, Character Examination, Materialism

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Excerpt from Article:

He has not previously shown virtually any great desire or determination to seek out on his own the reasons for who he is, why he is here, and what arrived before him.

In the process of his discoveries, Milkman likewise learns that his grand daddy, Macon Useless, after having been killed, acquired his short grave dug up and had his physique dumped in to Hunters Cove. That kind of information can be very disturbing, and it was. But meanwhile, Milkman shows his naivete regarding race relations in America – and the good bigotry and Jim Crow dynamics which were part of America prior to his maturation – in the conversation that follows (Morrison, pp. 231-232). “Did any person ever capture the men who have did it – who wiped out him? inch Milkman asked Reverend Cooper in the parsonage. “Catch? inches The reverend asked, “his face packed with wonderDidn’t have to catch them. They hardly ever went nowhere fast. ” “I mean, do they have a trial, were they will arrested? inch Milkman asked.

“Arrested so that? ” The preacher returned. “Killing a nigger? Where did you say you was coming from? ” The preacher felt the need to inform Milkman, which can be Morrison’s method of also instructing the reader and contributing to Milkman’s character creation. “And no one did whatever? ” Milkman asked, thinking “at his own anger. ” “Wasn’t nothing to carry out, ” the reverend replied. “White individuals didn’t attention. Colored folks didn’t dare” (Morrison, pp. 231-232).

Through this portion of the book Milkman appears as a symbol of innocence; how could a man not know how aggresive the hurtful society had been in the recent past? One could say he symbolizes a new generation searching back naively upon the previous generations and he is incredulous at the brutality and hatefulness he understands about.


In conveying Milkman’s mom – and her good desire to have an additional baby with Macon, Milkman’s father – a fascinating mentally bizarre picture is presented. Ruth’s child Milkman got “never recently been a person to herhe had been a passion” (Morrison, g. 131). The reason behind this is that Macon attempted to get Ruth to end the baby, and even “punched her in the stomach” trying to get her to abort (Morrison, l. 131). Your woman of course wanted the baby. And she wished the sensual love by her hubby that she once enjoyed. For this reason – that your woman can no longer expect sex by her spouse and hence no more children – it casts a darkness over the lifestyle of Milkman, the individual whose father tried to destroy him before he was born and whose mom breast fed him well into his childhood. It also makes him a very interesting and attention grabbing character that – when he found out a lot regarding life his father could never have educated him – never did get his pot of precious metal.

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