Precisely what is confirmation bias essay

Confirmation tendency is a propensity of people to prefer information that reinforces a thought or assume that they have. Persons demonstrate this kind of bias whenever they retain details selectively, or perhaps when they interpret it in a biased method. The effect is definitely stronger to get emotional issues and for deeply rooted morals. (Science Daily)

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Examples of Affirmation Bias

There are many everyday types of people applying confirmation bias behavior. Students doing exploration on only one side for an argument to get a paper to verify their thesis may neglect to fully search the topic for facts that is inconsistent with what they can be writing about.

Also a reporter who may be writing an article on an important concern may only interview experts that support her or his view on the matter. Confirmation bias is also quite typical when buyers make a purchase. (Raymond, 1998)

Confirmation Bias in Retail

In person, I have viewed consumers which has a confirmation opinion plenty of instances. Since I had been sixteen, I have already been working in retail.

It has given me plenty of opportunities to observe verification bias in a consumer’s patterns. Recently, I had formed to deal with a customer who had strong beliefs regarding her knowledge on clothes quality. A few months ago at my job, The Kid’s Place in the North Shore Mall, I had formed a customer asking for a particular manufacturer for kids workout apparel. After I informed her we did not carry the manufacturer she wanted, she was very upset. She was convinced this brand got quality really worth the extra cash she put in, which was a lot. I offered her the option to just go through the clothing we offered, but it was not properly with what the lady was used for you to get.

In the end, she bought the clothing from The Children’s Place mainly because she anxiously needed health club clothes for her daughter the next day. After finishing the transaction, I had been satisfied which i finalized the purchase and changed her biased perspective of just purchasing from this expensive brand. Not even per week later, precisely the same woman came in to return almost everything she experienced bought. When I asked why she was making the return the girl simply said quality. She after that pointed on the stitching for the yoga slacks and stated the threading was loose, when in fact it was perfectly fine; we do not have complaints about how the yoga pants are manufactured. Her girl loved the fit, color, and style, but I could tell the girl was above examining the merchandise to rationalize her reasoning for buying this expensive brand.

Effects of Confirmation Bias

There are plenty of effects of confirmation bias. Primarily with this example, the woman was losing a lot of money. Your woman was creating a fictional knowledge where clothes did not live up to the quality the girl expected. A set of yoga jeans at The Children’s Place is usually $12 as the other brand is around $30. Every time she makes a purchase, the lady spends double the amount of money than she would have. Within a yr, that results in be a wide range of extra spending. Personally, I realize confirmation prejudice the most in a person who contains a brand loyalty. Even if the alternative is exactly a similar and less costly, consumers will probably pay to have that brand name stitched on their clothes because of their perceived benefits.

In another aspect, an effect could be the contrary of brand dedication where clients buy the most affordable alternative of the product. A problem with this could be that the customer may not get the quality they have to get because they are always looking for the best package. When making a selection, there are certain items which should be acquired at a lot of money instead of a discount. An example of these items would be a car, a house, pcs, or any gadgets. The verification bias likewise affected her perspective from the Children’s Place. She a new belief upon false premises making claims that had been not true. The lady created a vague hypothesis in her brain and because of her activities it was enough evidence to prove her hypothesis to get true.

Reducing Confirmation Prejudice

When it comes to buying, there are some approaches to reduce a confirmation tendency. For starters, an individual may try their finest to set similar standards for a lot of evidence irrespective of whether or not it helps or problems their current view. A person should be open to changing their head. On a personal level, a person can reduce a bias simply by slowing their particular thinking method down. Rather than go with their stomach feeling to acquire a product immediately, they can take those chance to look around. It can make a person more moderate and can you can keep them start questioning their initial beliefs and start seeing lack of of the debate. People will make an effort to overcome the confirmation tendency by intentionally seeking data that contradicts their own views.


In most, I believe every individual is a perpetrator at some point in terms of using a confirmation bias. Most of us second guess ourselves and try to convince themselves that we made the best decision possible within our actions. This can be a bias that we are all guilty of, but it is very important to be aware of a person’s biases rather than becoming ignorant.

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