Romeo character examination essay

I chose to assess Romeo, because I think that Romeo has many characteristics and a lot to describe about him. As well Romeo changes in the story line frequently; he can also provide many different features at the same time. Romeo is a kind of man that if this individual wants anything he will try his best to get it. Romeo is a very depressed, sad guy at the beginning of the play as they loves a woman but he can’t love because of the feud between all their two families.

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This feud is between the Capulet friends and family, and the Montague family; this feud has been going on for many years and has not ended. You can notice that Romeo is despondent because he tresses himself in his room and makes it darker, and so this individual weeps and weeps regarding the woman that he adores. Romeos love is a lady named Rosaline, he weeps because this lady has kept a promise to remain chaste (stay pure, or perhaps stay a virgin) for the rest of her life.

When Romeo and his friends attend the Capulet banquet Romeo realises a young amazing girl named Juliet, by which he falls into love with and identifies her being a jewel, and this her splendor is like a bright star. So Romeo forgets regarding Rosaline and he wants to meet and be with Juliet but it is likewise forbidden because she is the daughter of lord Capulet, but Romeo does not care and since the dances slow down this individual sneaks toward Juliet and he impresses her by simply telling her about her beauty, and he smooches her. Your woman tells him that this individual has considered her desprovisto and Romeo kisses her once more to offer back her sin. Through the middle of the enjoy, Romeo is in love yet soon improvements right after.

Romeo tells Tybalt that he loves the Capulet’s. Nevertheless Mercutio pulls his sword at Tybalt and calls Romeo infamous, but while Mercutio and Tybalt duel Romeo tries to end the fight and Mercutio gets stabbed and dies. But after Mercutio dies Romeo becomes infuriated and chases after Tybalt. But when he discovers Tybalt he mocks him and takes in at Tybalt. Romeo becomes a fighter as he challenges Tybalt in a cartouche. In conclusion I see that Romeo has many more characteristics and has a keen love to be with Juliet constantly. I love the story about these two due to way that they both modify and how they would like to be collectively forever but can’t. But they find a way just how, so I suggest this book to anyone that really loves a good relationship story line or perhaps play.


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