Structure of the federal government Essay

Determine where every single agency lies in the management structure of the federal government.

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Identify it as an business department or perhaps an independent firm. The purpose of U. S. Epa is to safeguarding human health and the environment by writing and enforcing polices based on laws passed by Congress. In accordance to EPA website, Born in the wake up of enhanced concern regarding environmental air pollution, EPA began on December 2, 1970 to merge in one firm a variety of national research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement actions to ensure environmental protection. This kind of agency, US Environment Safety Agency is definitely run by its Manager.

The current Administrator is Lisa P. Knutson. The Director appoints a great administrator pertaining to U. S i9000. Environment Protection Agency and Congress can approve or decline the individual.

The US Epa is an independent agency. The agency has approximately seventeen, 000 full-time employees and engages more people on the contractual basis. The purpose of U. S. Military of Corps of Professional is to provide vital public engineering solutions in tranquility and warfare to strengthen the nation’s protection, energize our economy, and reduce risks from unfortunate occurances. According to US Army of Corp Engineers internet site, the history of United States Armed service Corps of Engineers could be traced to June 18, 1775, if the Continental Congress organized plenty with a primary engineer and two assistants. Colonel Rich Gridley became General George Washington’s initial chief engineer; however , it had been not till 1779 that Congress created a separate Corps of Engineers.

Army technicians, including many French officials, were a key component in some with the hard-fought fights of the Groundbreaking War including Bunker Mountain, Saratoga, and the final victory at Yorktown. The US Military services Corps of Engineer is a U. S. federal agency that may be under the Section of Protection. It firm is made of Army command that is made up of 38, 000 civilian and armed service personnel. It’s the world’s largest general public engineering, style and construction management company. It focuses primarily on dams, canals and flood protection in the US.

The purpose of the U. S. Coast Guard is to ocean going homeland security, maritime law enforcement (MLE), search and relief (SAR), sea environmental safety (MEP) and the maintenance of river, intra-coastal, and offshore course-plotting. According to, the Coast Guard’s official history began in 4 September 1790 when President George Washington agreed upon the Contract price Act that authorized the development of eight vessels, known as cutters, to put in force federal contract price and operate laws and to prevent smuggling. Known variously through the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as the revenue cutters, the system of cutters, and finally the Revenue Used vinyl cutter Service, this expanded in size and responsibilities as the nation grew.

This operates under the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime and can be utilized in the Department of the Navy by the Director at any time or by Our elected representatives during time of war. By August 2009 the Seacoast Guard acquired approximately 40, 000 people on active duty, 7, 500 reservists, 35, 000 auxiliaries and six, 700 full-time civilian personnel. The purpose of U. S Seafood and Wildlife Services is good for management of fish, animals, and all-natural habitats. In 1871, the U. S. Commission in Fish and Fisheries is created by Our elected representatives and billed with learning and promoting solutions to the decline in food these people own in and to showcase fish culture. Spencer Fullerton Baird can be appointed because the 1st Commissioner.

One year later, the Commission’s Baird Station in northern California is used to collect, fertilize and deliver salmon eggs by railroad to the East Coast. According to, Daniel Meters. Ashe was confirmed about June 35, 2011 because the sixteenth Director from the U. H. Fish and Wildlife Support, the nation’s principal Government agency dedicated to the conservation of fish and wildlife and the habitats. His appointment by President Obama is the conclusion of a lifetime spent inside the Fish and Wildlife Support family. The usa Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) is actually a federal government agency that is below US Office of the In house.

Today, the Service consists of a central administrative office with eight regional offices and nearly seven-hundred field offices distributed throughout the United States. Determine which from the appropriation subcommittees has legislation over agency’s budget obtain. According to, subcommittee of In house, Environment and Related Firms has legal system over US Environmental Protection Agency spending budget request. The subcommittee in Energy and Water has jurisdiction over US Military Corps of Engineers finances request.

The subcommittee upon Coast Protect and Ocean going Transportation has jurisdiction above the US Seacoast Guard and Interior subcommittee has legislation over US Fish and Wildlife Assistance. Determine in which each agency’s operations along with the useful classification in the federal finances. This portion was time consuming and was research this info for a long time. My spouse and i look over and over on several many site until I managed to get confuse.

Although after my break and according to, that U. H. Environmental Protection Agency, U. S. Military services Corps of Engineers, and U. S i9000. Fish and Wildlife Services with function 300: Normal Resources and Environment contains programs worried about environmental security and development; recreation and wildlife areas; and the expansion and management of the nation’s land, drinking water, and mineral resources. It provides programs inside the following federal departments and agencies: Cultivation, Commerce, Room, Transportation, the Army Corps of Technical engineers, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The U. S. Seacoast Guard operation’s fall in function 400: Travel that’s is composed mostly of the programs used by the Office of Transportation, including courses for freeways, mass transportation, aviation, and maritime actions. This function also includes two components of the Department of Homeland Reliability: the Seacoast Guard plus the Transportation Protection Administration. In addition , this function includes many small transportation-related agencies as well as the research software for civilian aviation at the National Soaring and Space Administration (NASA).

Pick one (1) agency from your list and, for a latest budget 12 months, determine: This authority and outlays recommended for the agency, as well as the actual items and spending budget authority for the company in that yr. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency will be the company from the list to determine the finances authority and outlays. Budget authority offered through appropriation, borrowing authority, or deal authority allows agencies to enter into commitment that will brings about immediate or perhaps future spending (Mikesell, 2010).

I choose Guard Our Nation’s Water Supply to compare ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY budget power versus cost. According to EPA internet site, the EPA’s FY 2010 Budget asks for 10. five billion in discretionary price range authority and 17, 384. 3 Full Time Equivalents (FTE) to accomplish EPA’s efforts to build a more environmentally friendly economy, transfer to a clean energy future, and shield human into the the environment in communities over the nation.

The FY 2010 Budget offers a substantial enhance from FY2009, reflecting an enhanced target in handling public health and environment difficulties. Increased financing will be geared towards vital areas including purchasing water facilities, protecting each of our freshwater solutions, creating a basis to address climate change and identifying exploration gaps as well as chemical management. The FY 2010 Spending budget provides 24 million to completely fund five Water Reliability Initiative (WSI) pilot supportive agreements plus the Water Alliance for Threat Reduction Actions.

The WSI was launched 5 years ago to demonstrate, evaluation, and examine contamination alert system at drinking water programs. Adoption of effective normal water security guidance on contamination devices will be released upon completion of these assignments. According to EPA internet site, EPA uses 18.

6th million out of your 24 , 000, 000 that they asked. This projection was build for a few phases. Phases 1 incorporate Conceptual Design, Phase a couple of consists of aviators at drinking water utilities, and the final period is Direction and Outreach. The 2011 Water Security Imitative Preliminary program finances was lowering from 24 million to 11. 6 million.

This outlays programs 24 , 000, 000 and most from the outlays depend on the pitch in the spending budget. (2009). Committee and their Jurisdiction. Wide open Congress pertaining to 112th United States Congress. Access on September 21, 2012, from

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