Theoretical views structural functionalism

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You could, for instance, take a look at the function that the expert structures of the Catholic Chapel have had in shaping the organization of societies and they method that they function. This form of analysis can also be prolonged to different religions – such as the role of electric power and issue in a Muslim world plus the role that religion takes on in the coercive structures of many Middle Far eastern societies.

Alternatively, one can utilize the assumptive and methodological tools which have been provided by structural functional theory to analyze how that faith based institutions behave as an integrative and cohesive structure in society. This could also be prolonged to significantly less prolific yet influential religion such as the Mormon Church that helped to shape world and integrate people in regions of america.

Interactionist theory also provides a very useful way of analyzing just how that different religious groups are initiated and taken care of within contemporary society from a far more subjective and interpersonal point of view. In summary, each one of these various theories have great and negative aspects but their different advantage points can also be used to shed light on the understanding of religion in modern society.


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