Weaknesses of digi essay

(i) The newest information on fresh technologies that happen to be seldom or late to reach the end users First weaknesses which had been found will be the latest information on new technologies which are almost never or late to reach the final users and often it could be by no means reaching to. It also one of the main weaknesses where the latest details tardy to succeed in the end users will result in low client consciousness towards DiGi services and products likes the promotion of recent data deal which are 200MB just RM2.

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00 for one week. It not only decreases the customer’s usage while in the same way “give away the potential customer to their competitors not directly. There has an investigation shows that a loyal consumer of DiGi had grievance that this individual has used this for five years however the service is usually declined 12 months by year and consider to subscribe the modern promotion coming from Maxis. Regardless of the new systems being display on the market nevertheless many users still did not received the most recent from the company.

Thus, information by no means or overdue reaches the consumer is one of the weaknesses although apply new marketing promotions repeatedly to fight resistant to the rivals. (ii) Lack of base station in comparison to competitors

Furthermore, lack of bottom station as compared to other competitors also one of the weaknesses. It is because DiGi can easily broaden the coverage region by posting the base station with other competition and this is going to lead to the restricted location to copy the information from place to place with a lower speed as compared to competitor and there will be range of issues which is faced consist of drop calls, failed to received calls, poor signal reception and also slow Internet velocity. Meanwhile, not enough base station also will impact the reception of DiGi line especially the location which is located far from the camp station. For example , Maxis has its own base train station which located throughout in all the Malaysia which will make the DiGi slightly inferior in comparison with each other. In addition , this will effect the customer fulfillment and commitment to be fall against DiGi, simultaneously, how much customer a subscription will be dropped too.

These can be proved through interview section together with the DiGi users who have say that DiGi have the worst 3G network among the communication organization likes Maxis, U Cellular, Celcom yet others. Their poor coverage not onlyincluded the agricultural area, possibly in many parts of Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city of Malaysia, at the same time the most popular places or perhaps shopping mall like Pavilion, Core Valley, KL Sentral does not have DiGi 3G and the list goes on. (iii) Dependency on strategic sharing among mobile manufacturer, application copy writer and others Following, dependency in strategic posting between mobile producer, application writer and more also regarded as one of its major weaknesses can be found in DiGi. Place be demonstrated that the DiGi product or perhaps services may not be operated individually and it must be complemented while using product or services originate from mobile developer and application writer.

They generally highly be based upon the product advancement through the partnership with mobile phone producer, software writers and others to provide customers towards a more beneficial way. For instance, the Iphone6 and Iphone6 Additionally which are through the Apple brands phone which is established shortly in Malaysia will be cooperated with DiGi and you will see few package promotion of data which in the right way to sign the contract. Out of this can cause them always be section of the mobile maker and trigger lack of progression due to the remarkably dependency via others. (iv) The system utilized to upgrade is the slowest between competitors In addition , the weakness of DiGi is the system which used to upgrade a network web page is the slowest when compared with various other competitors.

The upgrade in the DiGi Organization takes about 30 days to a new edition and in precisely the same times, you will experience service interruptions. And sometimes the DiGi web page will briefly down or offline without any notifications. Within this period, you will see change with the equipment and these is going to difficult the users to take several times to adapt to a fresh gadget which usually found following upgrade and down in the DiGi internet site make the Information System may not be implemented since normal. To get examples, On the net Customer Services (OCS) is definitely the failure to provide “online services to users of DiGi as well as the same period most of the clients unable to access the website intended for checking or perhaps making the payment throughout the website easily.

(v) Does not have a strong position in the postpaid market and lack of understanding about competitors’ weaknesses Furthermore, DiGi does not have a strong placement in the postpaid market as well as its lack of understanding about their major opponents is it is weaknesses. Will not have a solid positionin the postpaid market when compared which usually its major competitor which can be Maxis. It might be shown with a research that DiGi offers only an overall total of 1. several million clients compared with 2 . 5million of Maxis, in fact it is the second tiniest market share following Maxis, Celcom and TM Cellular and in addition it relies greatly on their prepaid business in order to strengthen its budget. Besides, it appears to be incredibly complacent regarding its market position and marketing programs although the Wi-fi Application Protocol (WAP) is considered a failure in mobile marketing communications due to handful of various restrictions such as DiGi has slow connection and high fees.


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