Teaching English as a second language Essay

Dialect is said to be a method in which the combination of sounds contact form words plus the combination of terms form phrases for a manifestation of knowledge is dependent upon a system of rules.

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And these rules are used in the building of words and phrases and phrases. One of the basic principles of learning a second terminology is to use this as soon as possible within our everyday life activities. This is clarified to the novice and the educator makes work to see to it the fact that language is learned, inspite of the many interference phenomena in the act. Nigeria is actually a multilingual and multi-cultural nation. It has been believed that above 400 native languages exist in the country.

This multiplicity of languages in Nigeria was compounded while using advent of the colonial professionals who released and implanted the English language language in Nigeria. It may be part of the system to the level that rather than the continous struggle required to speak to the standard collection by the indigenous speakers, a Nigerian variety has appeared. It is now regarded as a Nigerian language. The English Language in Nigeria enjoys a prestigious position, having a large premium added to it as the nationwide Lingua franca, It is the Dialect of government, trade, business and industry, inter-ethnic marriage.

It is the vocabulary of the use and teaching in schools and above all the language of national Unity as well as intercontinental communication. In addition to functioning as the language of integration throughout Nigeria, Yate (1992) has observed that of more distinctive importance may be the increase in the international and technological function of British Language as the prominent language of the Cyber cafГ©, and the many used vocabulary in the internet. It is additionally an elitist language. We have now live in an ICT globalised world in which English may be the medium of interaction between individuals and nations.

In respect to Babajide 2002: For any region particularly inside the third world being relevant and derive the maximum benefit from the chances that are all around in every part of human want, for personal progression and nationwide development, The english language is a sine qua non’. He additional stated that up till now the country is still faced with the dilemma of selecting an indigenous language that will promote national oneness. As the debate carries on, Prof.

Afolayan bring s i9000 out the essential place of English language when he said that It is definitely unrealistic for anyone in Nigeria today to believe that Countrywide unity could be forged in the area without alternative to the utilization of the English Language. It is the language of political entity itself as well as the language of its politico- economic unification and government. Further more the truth that it is at this point functioning because the language of Nigerian Nationalism cannot be denied. Multilingualism and The english language in Nigeria The 1st Nigerian Nationwide anthem appreciates the existence of indigenous languages though tribe and tongue may differ in brotherhood we stand.

Nigeria is actually a typical multi-lingual country in which minority different languages which are very many live side by side with the key languages. The nation is not only the melting pot of Africa socio-political and linguistic realities but also the appointment point of divergent and convergent thoughts about minority ‘languages’ and terminology policy. Multilingualism is a sociolinguistic phenonmenon that arises as a result of language contact.

It is a condition in which several languages run within the same context. Elements such as political annexation, marriage relations, financial transactions, social association, educational acquisition and religious holding bring about multilingualism. All these elements underpin the socio-political panorama of Nigeria today even though the combination of political and economic transaction or perhaps exploitation formerly brought those referred to as Nigerians today talking to the English language people.

The approaching of English language colonialist inside the 18th Century brought about Linguistic imperialisma scenario in which the minds and lives of the audio speakers of a vocabulary are completely outclassed by one other language to the point where they believe that they may and should just use the foreign lanugauge when it comes to transactions dealing with the advanced facets of life including education, viewpoint, literature, federal government and the administration of rights. And so inspite of the simple fact that English is foreign, it has become a language that has helped to weld collectively the many individuals who constitute Nigeria.

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